I am puzzled. I have been concerned for a long time about actions and behavior of the current occupant in the White House. Why am I puzzled?

We have a national security risk in the White House and his actions are being explained away by his sycophants as just Trump being Trump. That may be true as he has been an untruthful bully who strong armed people for many years. He now thinks he is a king, when he is only president.

While three expert witnesses said the president committed an impeachable offense, we have a one expert witness say he needs to see more evidence to confirm impeachment. I respect his opinion, so the president needs to stop obstructing justice and let people who heard him abuse power to testify. More on the cover-up would be nice, as well.

It apparently is not enough for a higher up to order you to work with the president’s attorney to exploit Ukraine. Who else would have that authority, that attorney relationship and something to gain from the exploitation?

This abuse of power fits into a larger narrative of a president who is taking a wrecking ball to our global reputation and relationships, while cozying up to autocratic leaders. There is a reason so many leaders talk about ways to deal with this impetuous person as do US GOP leaders.

The NATO meeting is yet one more example of the chaos he is causing. While asking for NATO countries to pay their share is a fair request, denigrating people does not serve us well. Seemingly every issue he involves himself in is contentious.

I am puzzled why this is not more obvious to his followers. Part of the reason is they are asked to look the other way with a sophistry by talking heads on a favored news station. What I see is abuse of power, corrupt behavior, obstruction of justice, and an active cover up.

It is a puzzlement, but here is one more. You know the sycophants are worried about other shoes that will drop. That has to keep them up at night. It should.

9 thoughts on “Puzzlement

  1. Note to Reader: Why is a person who is kicking 700,000 Americans off food stamps (many who are white rural voters) considered the champion of the common man?

  2. I share your puzzlement regarding the blindness of his loyal followers. I just left a Facebook comment for one of them who said that Trump was innocent, that there was not a shred of evidence he had done anything wrong, and that he so obviously had the best interest of the “American people” in his heart. Blind and deaf, is the only explanation I can see. Either that, or they define the entire English language differently than I do, such that good is bad, up is down, innocent is guilty, etc.

    • Jill, good example of why we are puzzled. I am glad you left a comment. So, I have gravitated to a couple of comments depending on the adamancd of the audience. When I am told “You just don’t like Trump,” one response is “So, it is my fault Trump is untruthful, bullying and denigrating and has been that way most of his life per five biographers.”

      Or, “You know I read the Mueller report and watch a parade of honorable diplomats under oath speak truth to power. There is one certainty – Donald Trump is not without guilt.”

      But, we will remained puzzled. He was right about one thing – he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his followers would not care. Keith

      • Thanks Keith. I may have gotten a bit carried away, though, when I asked the person if he had flushed his brains down the toilet. 😶 This is why you are better at making the argument than I am … I let my anger get in the way. Sigh. Yes, you are right … he could and somehow his loyal followers would find a reason to justify or even applaud it.

      • Jill, I fully understand the temptation to use a zinger, but that won’t be heard or heeded. Your opinions are so well grounded, not to be listened to. My colleague used “Help me understand” as his way to get beneath the position. When you deal with a client, you cannot take their head off when they are in the wrong.

        I have used “I would be remiss if I did not tell you…” Yet, if you really want to be pointed, the following is powerful; “I understand your points, I simply do not agree with them.” So many believe you just don’t understood trying to say it’s your fault, not theirs. Keith

  3. At the risking of sounding like the old codger in the corner who keeps on saying the same thing only with a different opening varying between ‘Bah and ‘I’m telling you’.
    In this case I start with
    ‘I can’t say I’m suprised’…
    The issue is fundamentally two-fold. Firstly we have the blatant bloc vote which is essential White, nominally (and laughably) claiming to be Christian and though most would not admit it ‘not comfortable with any of those types of people’ (there that’s as fair as I can get on the topic of race); they also have a tribal loathing of democrats; thus Trump is their man (actually I doubt if he realises he is actually ‘theirs’ in that whatever they say he instinctively does as he is told by the mob to stay in power and keep them happy). Secondly having made this pact with their perceptions his followers will not by any stretch of rational discourse admit they have made a mistake in backing this creature of their imaginations who in truth bears no relation to the reality of the immature brat he is.
    In itself this is not an unusual trait of human behaviour not just in politics but in all facets of Human Interaction. It does however reach grotesque proportions when dealing with someone who is woefully inadequate to the task such as the office of President of the USA. Sadly denial and prejudice are very strong motivators in Humanity.

    • Roger, well said. You do not need to stay in the corner. The only thing I would add is cognitive dissonance is a powerful force. These folks signed up for the Trump Tribe. When Trump errs and it gets into their sphere, it creates dissonance or disharmony. It means if he is wrong, then I am wrong. And, we can’t have that. So, when Trump, Graham, Hannity, Limbaugh et al says they are wrong and Trump did not err, it gives them their harmony back. What is lost is the their are two important homes tribes – our country and our planet. If we screw up the latter, it matters not what country we live. Keith

      • It won’t be the first time that has happened Keith.
        In historical terms America is still young you have yet to experience being ruined by an incompetent elite and their hawkers, you are coming close

      • Roger, true. I guess the two words that surprise me the most about the current president are “chaos and incompetence.” I expected all of the other stuff as it is in his history. He is so very fortunate that the economy was a good path when he took over. Presidents get too much credit and blame for the economy, although this guy has provided both tailwinds and headwinds. Keith

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