End of week wanderings

With multiple topics rolling around in this older brain, here are a few end of week wanderings (or wonderings as the case may be). In no particular order:

It still amazes me that people in leadership still don’t know people record things. Congressman Anthony Weiner sends pictures of his Johnson to a teen girl and then is surprised when it goes public. Justin Trudeau talks in public about “he who shall not be named” and it goes viral. Boris Johnson denies being in the conversation, when we can see him in the conversation. And, “he who shall not be named” makes the same mistake later. Let’s face it, people talk about dealing with Trump as he is like trying to hold mercury in your hands. Just don’t play your hand where we can see (or hear) the cards.

I feel sorry for my friends in the UK as they have a choice between the same Boris above and Jeremy Corbyn. Neither person is a day at the beach, but Johnson has a Trump like propensity to be untruthful. He is just more glib than the US president. Brexit will likely occur and it won’t be pretty. The UK will be in the doldrums for several years as a result. In some respects it will be poetic justice if the folks who misled the public are in charge when the you-know-what hits the fan. I fully understand the Brexiters point of view, but the financials will not be pretty as forecasted by smarter people than me.

I am not sure if the Democrats will help or harm themselves by impeaching the president in the House. It is probably both. But, they still must do it. The US president is a national security risk with his modus operandi that has become apparent on Ukraine. Using shadow diplomacy to exploit a country for personal gain, not briefing the real diplomats on all the issues, covering-up a phone call and other key emails and obstructing justice (as also evident in the Mueller Report) and the US has a president that can be used for nefarious purposes. He would detest this word, but I feel he is a “stooge” for Vladimir Putin. The question is he an active participant in that role or is so uninformed, he will believe Putin if he gives Trump perceived victories. Yet, the other key reason for the impeachment is the president thinks he is a “king.”

By the way, the US president wants Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the Bidens to testify in the Senate. OK. If they do, I want Donald J. Trump, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Mick Mulvaney and Mike Pence to testify. I would like also to hear from Dan Coates and Sue Gordon as to why they were asked to leave the National Intelligence leadership. Trump will never testify as he has so much difficulty with the truth.

The Global Climate Summit is going on in Madrid. Progress must be made. Several US states and business are likely present, making up for the Trump stance. Good things are happening, they just need to happen faster and with the US leadership a part of the equation rather than what they are getting now.

6 thoughts on “End of week wanderings

  1. Note to Readers: I would also like to see Congressman Devin Nunes testify under oath. While he is suing CNN for $435 million, he did have several phone calls with Rudy Giuliani and Lev Parnas, who is on trial. Last night in an interview on Fox News, Martha Maccullum pushed back on Nunes for not remembering talking with Parnas. Parnas attorney said today that Parnas remembers. This is more important in that Parnas is about to do a plea deal, so Rudy, Devin and Donald should worry. At the very least, Nunes should have recused himself from impeachment hearings. I noted early on after several Nunes’ lies, that he needed to be under oath. Maybe he will get that chance.

    Again, what should worry Republican legislators during the “great rationalization,” is they do not know what other shoes might drop. At some point, they may realize they need to convict Trump to not just save their country, but to save their party.

  2. Good wanderings to wrap up the week, Keith. The republican response to all of Trump’s many infractions seems to be “get over it and get on with life”, since there is no real defense. I received the weekly newsletter from Representative Warren Davidson this morning and half the letter was claiming that it was time for democrats to stop “wasting time” and “shift focus” to other things, like spending, immigration, trade, etc. Obviously, I don’t argue that those things are important, but bottom line is it is crucial that we hold the ‘man’ at the top accountable. If we don’t have a president we can trust, then what do we have? And at any rate, Congress will accomplish nothing, for the partisan divide is too great and the only thing they have managed to agree on in months is a bill to help stop robocalls! Have a great weekend!

    • Jill, the short answer to Congressman Davidson is because the incumbent has abused his powers for personal gain and in so doing is a national security risk. Further, the president operates with a regal disdain for Congress, which is supposed to be a co-equal branch and feels he is above the law. My question is why aren’t Republicans supporting the Impeachment hearings rather than spinning sophistry to rationalize his abusive behavior?


      • That was pretty much my response to him, as well. I reminded him, too, that his employer is actually We the People, NOT Donald Trump. And, as I usually do when I write to him, I ended with, “What plans to you have for finding a job after the November 2020 elections, Warren?”

      • Jill, you said the right things. People who choose to ignore truths to the detriment of the country have questions to answer. Keith

      • Jill, I just posted another letter from a Republican Lt. Gov. candidate from 2000 which is worth reading and sharing. Keith

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