Letter from a Republican candidate in 2000

In The Charlotte Observer today, a letter from a former Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2000 was printed. Andy Nillson wrote a letter entitled “Trump’s power must be checked by GOP.”

Nillson’s letter echoes what non-Republicans and a handful of Republicans are saying. Below is his letter, which speaks for itself:

“Lately, the truth that many Republicans like me are realizing is that the our president is not upholding the ideals of our party and our country.

His administration violates duties of office with callous indifference. And President Trump expects Republicans to fall in line behind him, regardless.

I have been most appalled by the president’s mishandling of foreign policy matters – especially the Ukraine situation – and his conduct during the Mueller investigation.

His power must be checked by other Republicans. Congress must do its duty to bring forth all of the evidence so the country can move forward. We cannot repeat Watergate. It will set Republicans back 50 years.”

These letters from courageous Republicans need to be highlighted. Please feel free to share this letter with Republican legislators and others.

I know Trump followers will dismiss Mr. Nillson as a RINO (Republican in Name Only), so his opinion can be discounted. Sadly, Trump’s party does not bear much resemblance to the Republican Party.

This is not Democrat witchhunt. I agree with Nillson’s comments. Republicans must remember their oaths to the US constition and think more of protecting it than the incumbent president. Nillson, like Nebraska GOP State Senator John McCollister, should be applauded for their political courage.

8 thoughts on “Letter from a Republican candidate in 2000

  1. Thanks for sharing Keith. We need so much more of this from current Republicans. The man speaks the truth. The day of reckoning is coming quickly for House and Senate Republicans. Every day, their arguments supporting this president ring hollow. We will soon see where they decide to line up: on the side of the United States of America? or Donald Trump? It’s that simple Keith.

    • Jeff, please share with some Republicans. I recall Nebraska State Senator John McCollister getting vilified by Republicans for speaking the truth, with the Nebraska GOP chair sending him a letter to to resign as a Republican.

      The sophistry of Republican so-called leaders to spout debunked conspiracy to make an unreasonable and corrupt president look reasonable is beyond poor stewardship.


      • I sure will Keith. It would be nice if Mitt Romney stepped up to the plate here. He’s the one guy that could tip the scales…if he has the intestinal fortitude to do so. I’m not so sure…..

      • Jeff, it will take one, then a second and others may think about it. I have written so often to these folks, I think I will save this one for ten days or so. Keith

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