Reflections on a rainy Friday

It is a good morning for a hot bowl of cheese grits and a large cup of coffee. Here are a few reflections on this rainy Friday.

– It is official. The two largest English speaking economic powers have people in leadership positions who have a problem with the truth. It will be entertaining the first time they are at odds with each other, which will happen.

– Speaking of Boris, it is fitting that he is Prime Minister when Brexit occurs. When it does, it will be a very difficult time for our British friends. Regardless of the veracity (or lack thereof) of the mission, any time you interrupt a free flow of goods across borders, it will be prone to difficulties and disruption.

– The US president is headed toward an impeachment in the House of Representatives. I encourage people to listen to the folks who risked so much to testify under oath against a very vindictive person. They spoke of protecting a relationship with an ally. He spoke of it being OK to extort them for not the country’s benefit but his.

– It should not be lost on anyone that Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron brokered peace discussions between Ukraine and Russia. Having the US president involved would make it all about The Donald.

Finally, well deserved kudos to climate change activist Greta Thunberg for being voted Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2019. The sixteen year old is well-informed and speaks hard truths to power. My favorite line of hers is “Don’t listen to me, listen to the scientists.” It was highly predictable that the US president would childishly react to her honor believing all honors are his to be won. I will keep it simple – the one who acts like an adult won and the one who acts like a child did not.

Have a great weekend.


6 thoughts on “Reflections on a rainy Friday

  1. Note to Readers: Seeing Rudy Giuliani appear at the White House today, of all days, is telling. It reveals the president has no realization of the affront to our national security and consitution that he has perpetrated. Today was a somber day, when a House Committee votes to impeach the president. Yet, it was depressing to see his sycophants vote in lock step to ignore his transgressions.

  2. Finally, there is another person in this world who likes grits! My girls won’t touch them, none of my friends will eat them, but with proper butter, salt and lots of pepper, I find them to be a delicacy! Thumbs up to you!

    It has been a trying few months … well, actually it’s been a trying three years now, and it is almost certain to get worse before it gets better. I think our ability to express ourselves through our blogs may be the thing that has preserved our sanity. Most of our UK friends are devastated today, understandably, and my heart goes out to them. At the same time, I cannot help but wonder if we will be feeling the same on November 4th next year.

    And I share your kudos to Greta Thunberg. That young lady is 100 times better informed, better educated and more caring than any of her critics, particularly Trump.

    Good post, my friend. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Thanks Jill. You need to move further south, where grits are a staple. Also, there is a low country dish called Shrimp-n-grits, where cream and stock are added to make the grits.

      I was reminded this morning of a pre-campaign corruption of Trump’s. The University of Phoenix, a for-profit unoversity, was fined $191 million for misrepresenting in 2012, they had relationships with Microsoft, Adobe and Twitter for career development. No such relationship existed. As for Trump, he settled a case of misrepresentation at Trump University for $25 million.


      • Oh yes, I’ve had Shrimp ‘n Grits long ago. There is one restaurant here that serves grits … Bob Evans … but only until 10:00 a.m. I used to watch Paula Deen’s cooking show on Food Network, and I tried her shrimp-cheese casserole once … ’twas the only time my girls actually refused to eat something I made!

        Yeah, I remember the Trump University scam … that in itself should have been enough to make him ineligible for the presidency!

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