Justice requires an open mind

At least three US Senators (Messers. Graham, Cruz and Tillis) have openly declared they will vote in favor of the US president in an impeachment trial. Senate Leader McConnell is coordinating a Senate trial wirh the White House. These statements and actions reek of bias and sycophancy, not open mindedness.

Call me crazy, but let me state some obvious concerns:

– the president has overtly obstructed Congress by not participating and instructing others to follow suit;
– a parade of honorable and mission oriented public servants testified under oath over their concerns about the president’s directives in Ukraine;
– the phone call that led to the whistleblower complaint was hidden from normal channels;
– the Trump sycophants are citing no one has testified that the words came from Trump’s mouth and the aid was releasd – on the latter, the aid was released after the knowledge of the whistleblower complaint, and who else would have the authority to order folks to work with Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and has something to gain; and
– what is lost on too many is what Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney confessed that quid pro quo was modus operandi and to “get over it.” Yet, after he walked back that comment, we should recognize there is a huge difference between a favor to a country and a person.

As an American citizen, I take testimony under oath more seriously than repetitive tweets. With the exception of Sondland, who still held back even with his damaging testimony, I found the people offering testimony impactful.

But, I also want to hear from Mulvaney, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo among others. I also want to know why Dan Coats and Sue Gordon were let go in National Intelligence around the same time. And, it is informational that Bolton departed and Rick Perry has announced his resignation

We are democracy, not a kingdom. We are a republic with three equal branches. Congress has a job to do. It would be nice if they did it.


14 thoughts on “Justice requires an open mind

    • Holly, it won’t unless people stand up to the bully. McConnell, Graham, Nunes, and Jordan’s sycophancy and sophistry are shameful. They are damaging our democracy by abetting a corrupt and untruthful president. Keith

      • The Rep Senate has trashed the constitution for what they Perceive to be in Their best interest. It’s heartbreaking that we have such spineless cowards to depend on.

      • Holly, true. I also feel the GOP has veered away from their principles to support whatever the president wants:
        enabling Global trade , reducing debt, supporting NATO, being leery of Russia, etc. used to be pillars of the GOP. Keith

  1. The fix is in Keith. The only R’s willing to say anything are those that aren’t holding any office currently. Profiles in courage? Sadly, a lost breed……

    • Jeff, the courage of those testifying under oath was exemplary. I told a staff member for Devin Nunes that I felt he needed to be under oath as the mistruths mounted from his lips. He also should have recused himself, since he was involved. Keith

      • They want to call Schiff..and Hunter Biden….How about we call Mr. Nunes then? We know the answer on that one Keith. Total hypocrisy!

      • Jeff, of course, Sondland was a GOP listed witness. The reason McConnell does not want witnesses is that oath thing. Keith

    • Janis, apparently that is less a factor. This is why Mitch McConnell reminds me of the two-faced mayor from Tim
      Burton’s “Nightmare before Christmas.” He will argue the exact opposite of his argument when not in majority. Keith

  2. You were right when you said we were on the same page Tuesday morning! I’m still growling over this entire thing … that Mitch, Lindsey, Ted and others can simply put on their blinders and refuse to acknowledge the facts that are there for all to see is a slap in the face to our intelligence. And yet … the people, the 40%, continue to applaud. Makes me wonder about the values of those people.

    • Jill, what surprises me is why the GOP legislators voted against “obstruction of Congress.” I disagree with their vote on “abuse of powers,” but understand a modicum of their logic. But, Trump overtly and loudly obstructed Congress. There is no doubt in my mind.

      The best argument for proceeding is the lawsuits and appeals to get people who should have come into testify on their to do so would have lasted to the election. Yet, when you listen to these honorable public servants who did testify, they were highly believable. So, the large question is what is Trump hiding? We must remember his staff tried to bury the “perfect call,” and even today, only an incomplete summary of the transcript has been provided.


      • You are right, and Trump even bragged about obstructing justice … more than once he said he would not cooperate with the investigation and would not allow anyone else to either! He ordered people to ignore subpoenas and bragged about doing so. I’m with you … how can they close their eyes to it and still live with their consciences? Do none of their constituents ask them the tough questions, hold their feet to the fire?

        Yep, one doesn’t act as guilty as he is acting if there isn’t something to hide. I’d like to see ‘contempt of court’ charges filed on everyone who ignored their subpoena … heck, you or I would be cooling our heels in a jail cell if we ignored a subpoena, so … how are they different than us? I greatly fear this could set a precedent, and the only way to keep it from doing so, I think, is to hold them all accountable, from the lowliest clerk all the way up to and including Trump.

        And another thing that galls me (while I’m on a roll here) is that Trump claims he wasn’t given an opportunity to plead his defense, yet he was invited to do so and declined. And his minions are going about saying how unfairly he was treated since he didn’t get to testify in his own behalf! Stepping down off my soapbox now .. 😉

      • Jill, Trump cannot have it both ways. He was invited and declined. To tell you the truth, I would love to see Trump mount a defense, because people will get to ask questions and lying to Congress is a crime. Gordon Sondland was a GOP requested witness and he gave the most damning testimorny (after others pointed he was not beinig forthcoming). Keith

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