Christianity Today editor advocates for removal of Trump

Per Politico, in article called “Top Evangelical magazine calls for Trump’s removal” by Eli Okun:

“The impeachment — and removal from office — of President Donald Trump gained an unlikely supporter Thursday: the country’s top evangelical Christian magazine.

Christianity Today editor-in-chief Mark Galli wrote in an editorial that ‘the facts in this instance are unambiguous: The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.’”

Maybe the ice is beginning to crack on the control Trump has on his fervent base. Maybe, if it cracks more, the Republican legislators who are bending over backwards to rationalize the corrupt and untruthful behavior of the president will recognize the negative force of the dark side.

Please help promote the voices of these dissenting folks from within his base. This is the only way to help crack that ice.

21 thoughts on “Christianity Today editor advocates for removal of Trump

    • Crazy Aunt Cyn, I have respect for the elder Graham, but he would be mortified by his son’s policking. Graham was horrified when the Nixon tapes revealed him present when the president was spewing bigoted remarks. That was a low moment for the elder Graham, but he may have been looking for the door. He did say later that religious folks should be wary of politicians. The younger Graham disappoints with his own bigoted remarks and detracts from the good his Samaritan’s Purse organization does.

      Why evangelicals voted for Trump in the first place is chilling, as he does not exemplify the behavior that guy named Jesus espoused. Let’s hope this is a start. I plan to send a variation of this post to my two Republican Senators in January. Thanks for stopping by. Keith

      • I think we all expected it, especially being led by the head critic in the White House. I have this mental image of two pillars on either side of Trump left standing, while the temple has collapsed due to the eroding foundation. In my view, he has been an exemplar of how not to act. Conservative judges cannot rebuild the damage he has wrought. Keith

    • True. See my response to Crazy Aunt Cyn. I think GOP Senators need to see this, plus be reminded of the stance of Republicans for the Rule of Law. Thanks for stopping by, Keith

    • Janis, they are fervent, but we need to make sure GOP Senators (and even Dem ones) see this, along with the similar position of the Republicans for the Rule of Law. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: Unsurprisingly, the president is criticizing back and as per usual, it is not issue based retorts. Per Trump, the magazine is liberal, evangelicals don’t read it, it is losing money, it is not what Billy Graham envisioned, etc. Here is an link to an article on the president’s rebuttal. What he risks when he does this is draw attention to it. Also, his criticism is similar to calling Republicans who criticize the party or him as RINOs.

  2. Hello Keith. I think you make a good point when you say we should assist the cracks being formed by repeating the true information on tRump & crews actions. It seems many many are not getting the full story or not getting the information at all, so we need to place it in as many places as we can. The more people know what he has done, the greater the pressure on the Republicans and the worse it will be for tRump. There is a saying I have heard about the truth shall set you free? Lets flood media with the truth in hopes it works to free us. Hugs

    • Scottie, agreed. I think your two GOP Senators and Congressman should be forwarded such information. In a world of lies surrounding Trump, there is only one constant. Keith

  3. Note to Readers II: Reverend Franklin Graham said his father Billy Graham would not be happy with his legacy magazine’s position. I disagree. I think he would be disappointed in many of Donald Trump’s actions and behaviors. And, Ken Garfield, the retired religion reporter for The Charlotte Observer, made this comment on news tonight.

    Given Franklin’s stance on Muslims and the LGBTQX community would likely be frowned by his father as well. Franklin’s positions distract from the good work his organization does.

  4. The way I see it, if Galli is looking at Trump and realizing that Trump’s actions are inconsistent with the belief and teachings of evangelicals, then surely there are others who feel the same, but perhaps just haven’t found the courage to speak out … yet. Let us hope this is an indicator that some of the evangelicals are awakening, and that they can persuade others.

    • Jill, I was re-watching the “Green Book,” and a line popped out. As one of the white members of the Don Shirley trio was telling the white driver why the African-American Shirley was traveling the South in the early 1960s to play classical music for white people at great risk outside of the music chamber,, he said it takes “genius and courage” to change people’s minds. Galli reveals it takes courage (and faith) to take on a vindictive person who has a fervent following.

      People like Lindsey Graham, Frankilin Graham, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan et al exhibit many qualities, but “courage” is not one of them. Rationalizing poor behavior is like the parent of a child who does not punish a tantrum. Keith

      • Your first paragraph reminded me of Daryl Davis … remember him? He had that same sort of “genius and courage”. We need more like that!

        You are so very right … those people have no qualities that I admire. Sometimes I wonder if they are actually the same species as people like you and I.

      • Jill, too right, Daryl Davis embodies courage. The others are captivated by fear. The fear of a vindictive president who keeps lists. Reminds me of Nixon’s Enemies list. Keith

  5. Note to Readers III: Here is the fact-checked quote from Billy Graham which I referenced.

    “The evangelical leader said in a 1981 profile that people in his position ‘can’t be closely identified with any particular party or person.'”

    This is why the father would not be too keen on the son’s alignment with any politician.

  6. Note to Readers IV: Apparently, this issue will not subside, as Christianity Today published another piece in rebuttal to the push back from the Franklin Graham’s of the world.

    Another online magazine “Christian Post” printed a supportive piece for Trump and its editor resigned per The Washington Examiner:

  7. Note to Readers: GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski has raised legitimate concerns with acquiescence and coordination by Senate Leader Mitch McConnell on the impeachment trial. I agree as should all Americans. It is wrong. Here is a paragraph from a recent article:

    “Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she is not comfortable with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying he will work closely with the White House on President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense.”

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