Help me understand on this cold December night

I hope everyone had a great week and will enjoy a stress free weekend. Using a questioning theme, help me understand…

– how JUULs and the like can be portayed as safe by their makers when an excessive amount of smoke is exhaled, more than any cigarette I have ever seen?

– how manufacturers of chemicals, fossil fuels, tobacco, etc. have told us how safe their products are and how their byproducts are not harmful, when that is proven to not be the case, often using their own reports? The movies “Dark Waters,” “The Insider,” and “Erin Brockovich” have highlighted these very issues.

– how not one Republican Congressperson could bring themselves to vote for impeachment based on obstruction of Congress which was painfully overt? Abuse of power was apparent per the testimony, but obstruction was blatantly obvious.

– how Scott Morrison, the Australian prime minister, can think taking his family on vacation to Hawaii while his country has major forest fires is a good idea? After a death occurred, his whereabouts became known and a huge problem.

– how a person who is US president would think making a denigrating reference to a deceased person looking up from hell, especially a beloved politician from Michigan named John Dingell in his own backyard, is a good idea? The gasps were audible even in a pro-Trump crowd anc even GOP legislators were criticsl.

It is a quandry. As for that last point, conservative pundit David Brooks called Trump’s words “repulsive” on PBS Newshour and has often spoken of the “lack of decency” in this president. I agree on both counts.

11 thoughts on “Help me understand on this cold December night

    • Jill, I think keeping the job is more important than doing the job. I would love a candidate to say “I will serve two terms and leave, but here is what I will do while there.” Keith

      • I think you are right, for compare how much time he devotes to ‘keeping’ the job with his rallies, constant tweeting, ranting, conversations with Hannity on Fox, etc., vs the time he spends actually working. You mention the candidate who would say “I will serve two terms …” which reminds me that Trump has hinted more than once that he may serve more than his two terms. PERISH the thought!!! I would love to have a president who we could believe when he said something. Sigh.

      • Jill, check out the NY Times piece “Fear and Loyalty: How Trump took over the GOP.” It is telling – especially the care he takes to punish people in his party who oppose him.

        What the Senate GOP should realize is this is their best chance to rid their party and our country of the cancerous president. Keith

      • Wow … I read the article and … it seems as if we already have a dictator of sorts. This is not how our government was ever intended to operate.

      • Jill, this is what an autocrat looks like. I think it is a fair question for Messers. Davidson and Jordan – how do you feel the president of the United States keeps a list of Republicans who wrong him, then punishes them? Keith

  1. I’ve been reading history for many years Keith. After a few decades of it you do not get surprised by the follies of Humanity.
    As for Trump it would take him saying ‘I am sorry, I realise I was wrong all along,’ to surprise me
    You are probably familiar with this extract from The Carol Burnett show, but the final ad-lib line from Vicky Lawrence’s ‘Momma’ sums him up:

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