A letter to a conservative editorialist who says we just don’t like Trump

As an independent and former Republican (in fairness, I was a Democrat for a few years after college), I am bemused at how Trump supporters are dismissive of people’s criticisms because they just don’t like him. That does not give him a hall pass to be untruthful, be a bully, name call critics, or act in a corrupt manner.

What I find telling is conservative groups like “Republicans for the Rule of Law,” “Checks and Balances,” and “Christianity Today” who have called out this president for impeachment for his abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Plus, the Mueller report, which I read, has several examples of obstruction of justice and lying.

But, we also should heed the voices of respected Conservative voices like George Will, David Brooks, Michael Gerson, Eric Erickson, Ross Douthat et al, who have shared concerns about the president.

Donald Trump got elected because he is a great salesman. He got folks to look more at his opponents’ imperfections than his own. He is acting as president no differently than he ran his business. As Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for Trump, wrote before the election, “Donald Trump lies every day, even about things of no consequence.” And, we should not forget the words of Michael Cohen under oath, “Donald Trump is racist, he is a con artist and he is a cheat.”

So, excuse me if I take the word of a parade of dutiful, honorable public servants who courageously testified under oath of their concerns about the president’s actions rather than a president known to be less than truthful.

Do I like Donald Trump? Not really, but it is mainly due to how weary I am of his tendency to lie, demean, bully and make too many things about himself. I also have concerns about his acting like an autocrat and treating our treasured allied relationships like transactions.

I personally find Donald Trump the most corrupt and dishonest president in my lifetime, and that includes Richard Nixon.

I am sorry to push back on you, but I am frustrated with the ongoing rationalization of this incumbent. My question to you is the same one I ask of our Senators. What will you have to defend next week, next month, and next year?

5 thoughts on “A letter to a conservative editorialist who says we just don’t like Trump

  1. That’s their explanation Keith…we just don’t like the guy, so we’re trying to reverse the 2016 elections. B.S……That’s so far from the truth. Of course, I do not like him. In fact, I despise the man. But, the man is a clear and present danger to our democracy. He’s looking for foreign help in the election, and god knows what else he might do to try and win. To not hold him accountable, is to enable him to do more damage….as well as tell future presidents it’s ok to cheat. Great letter by the way.

    • Jeff, I agree. Thanks for the comment. I fell into the thought of “it not giving him a hall pass.” BUt, since Trump controls the message – it is all about them not liking Trump meaning they don’t like his fans. He is pitting people against each other like he often does using the Machiavellian approach. He rarely rebuts the issues – he name calls, he changes the subject, he denigrates.

      This is more than a bad phone call, but if the call was so perfect, why did his staff try to bury it and still has only released a summary, not a transcript? The big question is if he did nothing wrong, why the obstruction?


      • Keith, I would love for someone, a whistleblower or whoever, to leak Trump’s phone calls to other foreign leaders. I’m telling you, they do NOT want the public, or anyone to ever see those transcripts. Why else put them on the secret/separate server? They say it’s because much of it is classified. I highly doubt that’s the whole picture. We’ve seen how he conducts himself in public. I bet those calls would make every American, except his cult followers, demand they do the 25th Amendment on him.

      • Jeff, that would be enlightening. I recall former economic advisor Gary Cohn reminding Trump of a commitment he made to the Australian PM when he tried to back out later. Cohn told Bob Woodward that “Trump is a prodigious liar.” Keith

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