Senator Murkowski is on the side of the angels

In an ongoing effort to highlight political courage, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska continues to fight for the soul that has been trampled on in the Republican Party. She is concerned that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is coordinating with the White House on the impending trial. An article on her stance is provided in the link below.

Americans should step back and think about that, regardless of political party. The Senate Leader is coordinating with the defense while he sets up the trial. To make matters worse, Senators like Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John Kennedy of Louisiana have bragged that they do not plan on being impartial. Really?

Senator Murkowski says this is not right. She is correct. It is not right. Senators McConnell, Graham, Kennedy et al took an oath to the US Constitution. They did not swear an oath to the GOP and certainly did not swear one to the person in the White House. It matters not what party someone is, this is not right. If people are telling you it is, you should ask them a why question.

Please join me in applauding the courage of Senator Murkowski. Swimming against the tide in your own party, with a vindictive leader, takes chutzpah. Kowtowing to such a leader is, to be frank, shameful and not courageous at all. Murkowski is on the side of the angels.

4 thoughts on “Senator Murkowski is on the side of the angels

  1. I agree with Ms. Murkowski’s concerns, though I would have liked to see her phrase it much more strongly. In truth, Mitch McConnell’s statement that he would coordinate with the White House on the trial is beyond concerning, it is a travesty of justice. It is turning ‘democracy’ into a joke, a sham, pandering to an autocrat. I wish Ms. Murkowski had gone so far as to call for Mitch McConnell’s removal as Senate Majority Leader, and to state that she would be willing to vote for a conviction. I wish she had called for a secret ballot, so that senators could vote their conscience without fear of reprisal. But, perhaps I am asking too much to expect a member of the republican party in Congress to remember their oath to protect and uphold the Constitution and to represent the people of this nation.

    • Jill, I agree, in part. She still is courageous given the mafioso type rule of the person in the White House. I sent a shorter version of this letter to my local and hometown newspapers and posted a copy on her website with my kudos. As I shared with Jeff, we need to spotlight political courage. I will likely post a variation of this on my two Senators’ website. Keith

      • Yes, I agree that it took courage for her to even go that far … it’s more than any of the rest have done. I only wish she had gone a step further. Thumbs up to you for sending it to your papers! I may do the same …

      • Jill, I think I will send it to a few more than my two Senators and Congressman. I want them to know what political courage looks like. Keith

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