Three why questions

Tell me why, three why questions have not sunk into more people’s minds about the Ukraine mess caused by the US president?

– Why did people who heard the “perfect” phone call try to hide it?

– Why does the US president want witnesses called, but prevents those in the know from testifying?

– Why don’t more people believe hard working, honorable public servants who testified under oath at great risk instead of a person who is known to be cavalier with the truth?

I would like to hear some answers to these three why questions starting with people named McConnell, Graham and Barr. This American would like to hear from folks like Mulvaney, Pompeo, Giuliani, and Pence under oath. Tell me why I should not be able to do so?

14 thoughts on “Three why questions

  1. Note to Readers: Another why question is why is running a shadow diplomacy through an unvetted citizen named Rudy Giuliani, while keeping information from real diplomats, not a considered a bad thing by all Americans. Even if Giuliani was on the up-and-up, representatives of a foreign country have to ask “who speaks for America?” By itself, the lack of clarity is a national security risk. Yet, we know from history, Trump is not often on “the up-and-up.”

  2. Hello Keith. I think one of the answers to your questions is the need tRump has to create a reality in which he can control everything and be given the credit for who he wants to be, not what he really is. It is branding, he creates an image and then tries to make the world conform to it. The shadow diplomacy, the cutting out anyone who could hold him accountable, the blocking anyone who might tell on him is all part of his idea he is the absolute authority and in complete control. The model he seems to follow is a mob boss. I really think of him as a crime family mob boss. Hugs

    • Scottie, I agree. The folks who tried to rein in his worst impulses were forced out. What he has done with the Ukraine fiasco is wrong on so many levels. Yet, there are his sycophants explaining it away. A mob boss values loyalty over competence – sounds precisely like Donald J. Trump. Keith

  3. What keeps playing over and over in my head is that video of Trump, long before he ran for office, saying if he did, he’d run as a Republican because “they’ll believe anything.” Do they not see that he is playing them all for fools?

    • VJ, that may be true. One of the three reasons I left the GOP twelve years ago was a tendency to make things up. Both sides are untruthful, but it is not a normal distribution and is skewed to the right. Keith

    • Linda, the GOP is abetted by several pseudo news agencies that care less about the truth. Main stream media is far from perfect, but the sources I watch try to get it right. One reason so many conservative bent folks cry foul is they have been misled more on their sources. People who get news from any entertainment hour folks or the president, are getting opinion. Keith

      • It’s very hard to find people who don’t indulge in news as entertainment. I don’t consider late night TV shows news. A lot of people do and I believe this interferes with their ability to think clearly. But I understand what you are saying. I’m involved in my little neighborhood association, especially in its communication needs. One guy (who as far as I can recall has never posted a positive comment) started railing about the NATO signs on his street. He doesn’t want sidewalks or a bike lane on his street! I had to ask him what NATO stood for. He believes that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is out to force sidewalks on towns across America. (At least, I guess that’s what he thinks.) He’s got links and everything. 😮

      • Linda, bless his heart. People believe the strangest conspiracy theories and ignore the obvious ones. Here is one Putin wants to diminish NATO, the EU, the US interest in Europe, so Russia can regain more control. Sadly, Putin has been more successful than he had hoped. Keith

      • Yes, remember when the US focused it’s energy on being and staying more powerful that the USSR? And now we are putty in their hands.

        I was standing in the checkout line yesterday, looking at the weird headlines on those “news” rags and I realized that if there are enough people who buy and read that crap, but real newspapers are going belly-up, well…there’s not a whole lot of difference between those rags and papers like Counterpunch, where this NATO nut gets his info.

      • Linda, your points are well taken. Sensational tabloids do more harm than good. People are better off not reading that stuff or watching the Fox talk shows. Keith

  4. I cannot definitively answer your thought provoking questions. But the lack of any deep thinking by the Trump GOP sycophants and his supportive mindless base of followers brings to mind this quote from Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) : “The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking.” The possibility occurs to me that many choose not to think too deeply as opposed to not being able to do so…for self serving reasons. Thank-you!

    • Ellen, good quote. I think cognitive dissonance has a lot to do with this. It is a reason GOP legislators did not want to focus on the testimony of the honorable witnesses or acknowledge reading the Mueller Report. If they did, the dissonance would require some form of action.

      The only way for Trump sycophants to turn on Trump is to show them that supporting him is costing their reelection. The signs are there, but it takes a few more Christianity Today editorials to help in the undoing.

      It is funny, when I pose these three obvious “why” questions, I was thinking of Tom Cruise’s JAG attorney character asking Jack Nicholson’s Colonel character a “why” question. In short, he asked if your orders are always followed, then why did you give two sets of orders? This led to a confession, not unlike that of Mick Mulvaney’s when he told people of course their was quid pro quo, get over it.

      So, picture Mr. Trump being questioned by Tom Cruise, “if your call with the Ukraine president was so perfect, then why did your people try to hide it?”


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