A few why moments the past decade

Since I speak often that we need to ask more why questions, as well as a few more what, how, and when questions, permit me to ask a few why questions about the past decade.

Why would Prince Andrew think it was a good idea for him to visit a known pedophile’s house and be photographed with teen girls he is accused of having sex with?

Why do people still not find it a national security concern when a US president bends over backwards to support various Russian narratives and running shadow diplomacy?

Why do mass shootings continue at such a rampant rate in the US and no tangible action is taken to address these and everyday shootings?

Why do the kids (such as Greta Thunberg, Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, eg) understand our climate change and gun problems better than many adults?

Why are two of the heroes of the decade female – New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who led to new gun laws in one week after mass shooting and the 16 year old climate activist, Thunberg?

Why have people allowed the media to be labeled around the world as enemies of the people by so-called leaders not known for truth – Trump, Putin, Bolsonaro, Duterte, Xi, Johnson, Erdogan, et al?

Why are we not actively condemning hate groups for domestic terrorism – this is not right?

Why is the current White House trying to solve our growing poverty problem by kicking people off their healthcare and food stamps, and defanging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau designed to punish predatory lending?

Why is there not a bigger outcry for screwing over our Kurdish allies who fought our enemies?

Why is the Hong Kong story being covered far more than China’s abduction and brainwashing of Muslim and other religious groups within concentration camps?

There are so many more why questions than I have space. Please add a few of yours.

17 thoughts on “A few why moments the past decade

  1. Note to Readers: Here is one that puzzles me. Why did UK prime minister David Cameron call for a Brexit vote? This may go down as one of the biggest blunders in British history.

  2. Note to Readers II: Here is another, when one of the faults of Hillary Clinton is she not a great campaigner, why did she pick a solid citizen, but relatively mild VP candidate like Tim Kaine, instead of someone like NJ Senator Cory Booker or former Mass Governor Deval Patrick? Trump won by getting people not excited about Hillary to stay home or vote for one of the two other candidates.

  3. I would like to add several but in my current sour frame of mind (which Sheila is constantly warning me is not conducive to my own religious faith…I have to work on that) all I can off from my reading of history is the phrase:
    ‘Twas ever thus,’
    Basically it would seem, in the West anyway, as the participants now die, we have forgotten to price paid in blood and effort in win the twin conflicts in WWII AND one step back to the reasons which caused THE Wall Street crash and subsequent Depression. There has entered into the lexicon an element of slovenly thinking where simplistic solutions have far more currency than they are due.
    Example (in hard socialist/ communist terms this is called Critical Self-Analysis and is usual done in front of a tribunal who have hauled the hapless person up for some shortcoming)
    I may think the answer is a well-regulated state, in which citizens are carefully monitored for any disruptive influences, many activities are state owned while private industries and enterprises are subject to strict laws and social benefits are paid subject to the fit population without work being told where to work and on what job when it arises…I may think that….And common sense tells me it will not work no how. For folk do not care to be treated so and eventual stagnation and abuse of the system sets in as many fear rocking the boat lest they be labelled as ‘disruptive’. So shut up Hard-Socialist me and just do your bit to work for more enlightenment.
    See? Easy when you know how.
    Why can’t folk realise simplicity does not work?
    Human flaw I guess.

    • Roger, I think we debate the extremes these days, when the answers to many questions is a balance of ideas and solutions. The key is to have a healthy debate, rather than a zero-sum debate, on what is the right balance. Keith

      • Consensus is not in fashion. There is a group in the UK FaceBook The Progressive Alliance, which is interrupted by die hard ‘True & Only Way’ from both some Labour and Liberal Democrat followers…happily the majority of this group are still holding true to the idea of an alliance; even if the group itself is something of a minority.

      • Roger, collaboration is not a dirty word. It also is hard work, which may be another reason it is not practiced as much. Keith

  4. So many questions Keith….so few answers. All I know is, we’re not getting the democracy we all want, and deserve. Too much is controlled by corporate and personal wealth. Our politicians are beholden to both. We must change this, and fast. Time is of the essence. The climate continues to change right before our eyes. Yet one political party, and one extremely dangerous president stands in the way of real change where we could actually start to mitigate the coming disaster.
    Solid majorities of Americans want action on climate, gun control, health care, and education. Nothing of substance gets done. The status quo of the rich and powerful seems to hold court. Here’s my question Keith: How long are we going to let this happen?

    • Jeff, people must protest, advocate, speak out and vote. I think we are better heard when we focus on the issue and that inaction is not satusfactory. This is indeed difficult when a person embodies the issue.

      In the case of this person, we should still focus on the actions and words. We cannot have a president who acts the way he does. We cannot have a Senate Leader who brags that he will not hold a fair trial when our national security is at stake.

      We must stand up and say this is not right. We can disagree with people without taking their head off. If we want to be heard, we must advocate without name calling and be willing to listen.

      I heard Kim Kardashian say why she talked to the president about prison reform in spite of the flak she took. She said I wanted to help people, so it was better to convince the president of the need, which she did. Keith

      • Agreed Keith. The vitriol and hate I see on Twitter every day is disturbing. While a good deal of it is coming from Trump’s cult, a lot of it is fellow Democrats fighting amongst themselves as well. Still a lot of animosity between Hillary voters and Bernie voters. Also, many on the left are outright saying they will NOT vote for certain candidates no matter what. This is just so wrong in my view.
        The number one goal should be to defeat you know who. I will point that out in the next year until I’m blue in the face if I have to. We cannot have another 4 years of him. God help our country if it happens.

      • Jeff, I reference Nicholas Kristof’s year-end post in my recent one. While we have some challenges, it is not as awful as it seems. While I respect the right of people to have extreme points of views, we must work with each other to accomplish things. Unless one party gets over 60 senators and has the House and White House, then collaboration to get things done is a must.

        Actually one of our productive periods is when Boehner got moderate GOP members in the House to side with Dems and get something passed in the Dem led Senate when Obama was President. It eventually cost Boehner his job as Speaker as the Freedom Caucus, an extreme group caused a ruckus. I am not a fan of Dem extremists doing the same thing.

        Trump won because he got Dems not crazy about Hillary to stay home or vote for Jill Stein. Now, we have a person nominating conservative bent judges. There is a lesser of two evils. The Brits are faced with Brexit for the same reason. Vote. Keith

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