Are we safer? – not so per The Washington Post editorial

The following editorial by Joe Scarborough called “Trumps ignorance has created an international crisis” appeared in The Washington Post. It is not an isolated opinion, as variations of concerns can be found in other publications. Yet, this is the first one where reference to the president’s “ignorance” of history and the gravity of the situation is not reassuring to us or our allies.

My concern is the assassination has galvanized hatred toward the US in the martyred Soleimani. Instead of more reasonable relations with Iran via the Nuclear Agreement, by going against the wishes of our five allies who co-signed the agreement, we are escalating tensions with “no off ramp” per former Joint Chiefs Chair Admiral Mike Mullens. And, we have destabilized our relations with Iraq as well.

Yet, what troubles as much is how we have harmed our relationships with our allies. The US is not trusted because our president is untrustworthy. How does this make us safer? Coupled with the national security risk following the Ukraine shadow diplomacy and strong-arming and the answer is we are not safer under this president.

Please read the attached brief editorial. It will not be reassuring.


9 thoughts on “Are we safer? – not so per The Washington Post editorial

  1. That is exactly what I thought of too. The Allies will distance from the US since they cannot identify with their actions and philosophy anymore aside from getting in big trouble because of a leader who is obsessed with power and acting like a spoiled kid at the same time.

    • Erika, you and your Europeans must look upon the US with trepidation. The US president has little respect for relationships unless he is getting what he wants. The benefit for others is irrelevant. Keith

      • You got that right, Keith. We do! We cannot understand how someone like this can remain in such a position. It is a shame and I am sorry and sad that it happens in a country I called my home. We are hoping from the bottom of our hearts that he is not re-elected. We are afraid it could happen although we can definitely not understand why…

  2. I read Scarborough’s piece this morning and almost used it for my afternoon post. Great minds think alike! He is spot on, and so are you when you speak of our allies losing trust in us. I think at this point our allies, if we can still call them such, are going to be very skeptical of anything that comes out of the White House at least as long as Trump is president.

    • Jill, the mistrust goes beyond the leadership ranks in those countries; it is deep in the minds of their publics. The US was less trusted under the second Bush because of the faulty intelligence led by Dick Cheney that helped us build a coalition to invade Iraq. That mistrust doesn’t come close to that of the current incumbent. The conversations in the halls of government have to quite interesting when they discuss the deceitful comments and actions of the US president. Keith

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