Gumpish questions

I have written a few posts on asking more why questions, but let me define a few dumb questions, in the spirit of a fictitious chatacter, Forrest, Forrest Gump. It is amazing how these questions don’t leap off the news pages or out of cyberspace.

In know particular order…

Help me understand how the president can cause a problem, then get kudos (or claim such), when he solves (or lessens) his own problem?

Forrest Gump answered his drill sergeant’s question of his purpose? “To do exactly what you tell me to do, drill sergeant!” The drill sergeant called Gump a “genius” for his answer.

Help me understand how one of the largest US Christian denominations cannot resolve conflict and will be splitting in two? What message does that send?

Forrest Gump’s girl Jenny gave Forrest the best answer to danger. What should he do? “Run, Forrest, run.”

Help me understand how legislators, presidential candidates and current president don’t seem to care that our annual deficit and debt are exploding?

Forrest’s mama answered her son’s question of what is his destiny? “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get.”

How can people not see the intense and elongated forest fires in Australia, Brazil and California and not think we have a new paradigm with our heating planet?

Forrest got a Purple Heart. When asked where he was shot, he said “I got shot in the buttocks. They said it was a million dollar wound, but I haven’t seen any of that money.”

How can people feel that putting a face on an opposing argument, then beating on that person can pass for reasoned counter argument (think Al Gore and Greta Thunberg)?

Lieutenant Dan showed up at dockside to honor his promise that he would be Forrest’s first mate if he got a shrimp boat. He told Forrest he wanted to get his “sea legs.” Forrest said, “But, you don’t have no legs.” “Yes, I know this,” Lt. Dan replied.

Help me understand why important people are so cavalier with their reputations by spending time with Jeffrey Epstein and underage girls (think Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton)?

Forrest answered Bubba’s mother when she asked “if he was crazy or just plain stupid?” Forrest uttered his classic line, “Stupid is as stupid does.” That is a profound statement.


11 thoughts on “Gumpish questions

  1. Good post, Keith … there is much wisdom in Forest Gump-isms. My favourite, especially over the past three years, is that last one … “Stupid is as stupid does”. We sure have seen lots of examples of it in the last three years. Sigh.

    • Jill, thanks. The list is not short of such examples, from the pedestrian (Sharpiegate, paper towel tossing) to the more concerning (firing someone without telling him or your staff, rolling out a Travel Ban without telling people or getting buy-in, backing out of deal you agreed to three hours earlier) to the dangerous (leaving the Iran Nuclear deal against the wishes of six cos-signers, putting tariffs on allies, extorting a Ukrainian president). Keith

      • All good examples, and I would add his destructive environmental policies, or rather rolling back of policies. Just yesterday he announced that environmental impact studies will no longer be required for certain fossil fuel and infrastructure projects. And meanwhile, Australia burns …

      • Jill, if people who blindly follow his every tweet would just look under the hood and see what is going on. Grease the skids for corporations to cut corners. Who could get hurt? Children, adults, livestock, environment, etc. The Dupont case in the movie “Dark Waters” started with a farmer who buried 200 cows and saved frozen deformed organs from the pollution from the plant nearby. They later learned of how it impacted humans and Dupont knew of this fact,

        Environmental laws and regs exist for a reason. Are some draconian? Likely, but let’s improve them where possible. The answer is not the companies policing themselves – Boeing’s shortcuts are a pertinent example. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: A few more Gump wisdoms:

    – Take care of your feet and try not to get shot (Lt. Dan)
    – Lean up against me, so we don’t fall asleep in the mud (Bubba)
    – I am not a smart man, but I know what love is (Forrest)
    – Sometimes there are not enough rocks (Forrest)

    Now, from a tour of Beaufort, SC where much of the movie was filmed, I learned the church where Forrest sang had a wedding when actor Tom Hanks left to go to the airport. He swung by to greet the bride and groom, but no one took pictures. They called his car which was halfway to Savannah’s airport and Hanks had the car turn around and he went back for photos. That is cool.

  3. Whereas I can fathom why Trump does what Trump does…..he is an inexperienced immature unsuitable oaf who was voted in on the backs of prejudices and ignorance.
    This is one I am still trying to puzzle out:
    Why is that folks who hated the messages of Al Gore and Greta Thunberg claimed with a vehemence they were being funded by big money? When logically ‘big’ money would be more interested in maintaining the status quo and thus pollution etc. I have been witness to much straining of logic and fractured thinking down the long years but this one….? It really does defy all rationale even for ignorant and prejudiced folk.

    • Roger, the fossil fuel industry has been subsidized to the tune of multiple trillions of dollars. There are 30,000 plus websites that are not scientifically peer reviewed that renounce climate change in a variety of ways. There are 750 peer reviewed science websites that speak to the concerns of climate change. That indicates where the funding resides.

      One of the arguments was “Al Gore lives in a big house, therefore we need to take him seriously on climate change.” Really. Greta Thunberg, has a “mental problem” per one naysayer on the air and the US president said she “has anger management issues” and needs to “chill out.”

      Neither of these critics have countered her arguments. The first guy received appropriate back lash as he attempted to highlight her having Aspergers as a mental illness that would prevent her from thinking. And, the other guy speaks of “his gut being smarter than the brains of experts.” Name calling is his preferred tactic to debate.


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