Bumper sticker solutions

Bumper sticker solutions may get people elected, but they rarely solve problems. Most problems are complex and multi-faceted. And, some bumper sticker solutions don’t address the greater causes.

The most obvious example is “Build that wall.” Building a wall was sold as the cure for disenfranchised economic areas. Yet, immigration, legal or illegal, is down the list as causes. The two primary causes are companies chasing cheap labor and technological gains. As a CFO once said, companies would get by with no employees if they could.

Bumper sticker solutions also dilute the focus and dollars from addressing the underlying causes. “Saving coal” fits nicely on the bumper, but it overlooks that coal has been in demise for both cost and environmental reasons and has been for ten years. Only Senator Bernie Sanders told coal miners the truth in 2016 saying “your jobs are going away.” But, what could not fit on a bumper is “here is what I plan to do about it.” He then defined transitionel compensation and training to help miners learn new trades. It should be noted the demise in coal fired plants has accelerated under the current White House.

Our problems are real and complex. Very few, if any, can be solved with implementing a bumper sticker solution. Repealing Obamacare will hurt tens of mullions of people. Any improvements or changes have to be well thought out and not slapped on a wall as was done in 2017.

Let’s ask more questions of politicians. What, how, when, how much are good ones. But, let’s start with why?

13 thoughts on “Bumper sticker solutions

  1. Hello Keith. Grand post. I wonder if most people know or understand that until 1920 the southern border was open and we did not have an immigration problem. People crossed over everyday to work, go to school , and shop. Then they went back over the border to home. What a great situation. No muss, no fuss, no problem. Until about 1920, when mass racism takes control. The racism and the “others'” syndrond enters in and we have an escalating border problem today. What does this teach us. Well for me regional contacts where labor wages are equal and other laws are equal then all countries proffit and the people in them prosper. Oh yes that is what trade unions are for. That is what the EU is about. So tell me why they need to be destroyed again when they are beneficial to all parties? Oh yes, bigotry , can not have those people moving into “my” country. Can not have a white ethnostate with people of all races being able to come and go, move in as they wish.
    If I have not made it clear this entire Brexit thing is due to bigotry. The problems we are having on the southern border are due to bigotry. Yet on the northern border we have the arrest of a white nationalist armed fanatic planning to shoot up a gathering at an US state gathering, and that is not an immediate call for more security on the northern border? Wonder why? Oh yes , he was white. Hugs

    • Scottie, immigration (illegal or illegal) is a concern, but was not and is not a major problem. It was and is merely a convenient issue to stir up fear. Trump sells and governs off “fear.” That is his description of himself in an interview, which is why Bob Woodward used that as the title of his book.

      Brexit was and is sold on fear as well. Bigotry is quite easy to stoke with fear. The embers are aglow in too many.


  2. Remember when John Kerry was ridiculed for being too “nuanced” in his thinking? Unfortunately, the voting public seems to be attracted to what they see as decisiveness… even though the decisions turn out to be the wrong ones (usually because they weren’t thought through). Like Hugh, I fear it is getting worse.

    • Janis, John Kerry would have been a good president. He needed to be brutally frank in fighting the “swiftboating” that derailed his campaign.

      He should have simply said, “Let me get this straight. You are ridiculing me for fighting in Vietnam, when my opponent never served. Let’s get real here.” If he had done that, he would have turned the tables on Bush’s smear campaign. It should be noted Bush smeared John McCain in 2000, in a rather despicable way – his campaign said McCain fathered a Black child out of wedlock; the truth he and his wife adopted a girl from India. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: If bumper stickers must be used, let’s speak pointed truths.
    – 63% say Trump is untrustworthy
    – What country has $22 trillion in debt?
    – Iowa – 40% of its power from wind
    – What is Sunny Day Flooding?
    – EPA is supposed to protect the environment

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