Check your sources

The following is a condensed version of earlier posts. I have forwarded it to my local and hometown newspapers. Feel free to adapt and use.

When Lt. Col. Ralph Peters resigned from Fox as its military advisor, he was critical of the opinion hosts, while holding the news group in higher regard. Too many of us are treating editorial opinion as news, be it Fox or MSNBC. Further Sinclair Broadcasting owns about 1/3 of the local TV stations requiring each to read verbatim, corporate prepared editorial pieces at the end of each show. There are many good news outlets who try to get it right, but check more than one source. And, be very careful of social media, as it is easy to pass misinformation along, and that includes the US president.

5 thoughts on “Check your sources

  1. Hello Keith. I agree. I read today that State Propaganda TV is airing the video of the Senate trial with no audio. Instead the hosts narrate it with Republican talking points and outright lies. Then during the break in the trial I was listening to C-Span and the Republican callers seem to have been watching that propaganda because they were totally wrong on what was being shown, what was presented. They were in a different reality. It was bizarre. They were incensed at what they thought was being said but in reality was not. We have a real information problem in the US right now, a third of the country gets a totally different reality than the rest of the country does. Hugs

    • Scottie, if that is true, it is both troubling and indicting of the network and president. What I have heard and seen is a detailed accounting of a scheming president and his henchman named Giuliani. I also am convinced they purposefully ousted Marie Yovanovitch because of her integrity. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: To accentuate the point of this post, PBS Newshour founder and long time host Jim Lehrer passed away today. Lehrer did it the right way – facts are important, the focus should be on the story not him, and news reporting must be clearly segregated from editorial opinion. These are words I gleaned from tonight’s remembrance of Lehrer on PBS Newshour.

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