Witnesses would help – draft plea to Senators and press

In addition to hearing from John Bolton, it would also be interesting to hear why Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats submitted his resignation on July 28, 2019 and why his well-respected right hand Sue Gordon was forced out in August, 2019. The timing of their departures is concerning and reinforces my concerns over the heightened national security risk by the alleged White House actions in Ukraine.

This independent and former GOP voter would also like to hear from Rudy Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence and his aide whose testimony was denied. We need to get to the bottom of this regardless of whose party is in the White House.

We cannot have a president acting the way the incumbent does and is alleged of doing. The nonpartisan GAO determined the withholding aid to Ukraine is illegal. Plus, 63% of Europeans find the US president untrustworthy, a worse ranking than that of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jingpeng. What does that say about us if we did not hold the president to account?

6 thoughts on “Witnesses would help – draft plea to Senators and press

  1. Hello Keith. I want to see the memo from the vice president Mike Pence assigned person who testified behind closed doors in secret and testified her written memo did not include any classified information yet the White house classified it and refuses to release it. How clearly does this administration have to make it that they are doing everything they can to cover up their crimes. I am not surprised the political congress people of the former Republican party do not want to hear the information, I am stunned there is not an outcry from the country demanding to hear it. Hugs

    • Scottie, there should be an outcry. I believe the GOP Senators have the opportunity to save their own party as well as our country. Adam Schiff is dead-on accurate asking do you want to know now or know later. I read where the GOP leaders were caught off guard by the Bolton revelation. Their challenge is they will continue to be caught off guard with this president. Keith

      • Hello Keith. I agree with you. I would only ask do you think the Republican party is worth saving or is it time to form a new conservative party with more acceptable social rules, which has happened in our country’s past. Hugs

      • Scottie, interesting point. What is now the Trump party does not resemble the previous GOP, with two exceptions – he panders to evangelicals while passing laws and degulation that help the wealthy fee. Free trade, rule of law and debt reduction are gone from the mix. Keith

  2. Not meaning to sound grim and depressed, which I really am, is there ANYONE who served with Trump who shouldn’t be called as a witness? Are any of Trump’s current staff innocent? How many are dirty to the bone? How many senators are part of the corruption? For that matter, how many members of our government in its entirety are corrupt? And are any of those who were forced out, what was going on when they were forced out?

    I recently reread Roman history and realized that our corruption has nothing on theirs … but at least they weren’t destroying the planet at the same time, so when they crashed, the world didn’t crash with them.

    How deep does all of this REALLY go? Don’t all of us who have a brain with which to think wonder how far back our poison goes?

    • Marilyn, sadly the folks who had a more of a conscience and a clue have been run off. Coats, Gordon, McMaster, Kelly and Mattis had good reputations, but Trump did not like their push back. The happiest people in America turned down Trump’s offer to work for him. The second happiest are their spouses. Keith

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