Disappointment – letter to a GOP Senator

Senator Burr, as an independent and former Republican, I have voted for you in the past. I have applauded you when you have gone out of your way to be bipartisan, especially with your and Mark Warner’s handling of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

I did not expect the Senate to remove Donald Trump, even though the testimony I have seen and his actions to block evidence and witnesses indicate someone who is guilty. The why question I want an answer to is why did the White House try to bury the infamous phone call, if it was so perfect? And, frankly, I am troubled that we have a shadow diplomacy going on which keeps our diplomats in the dark. I would say this if the person was Mother Teresa, but Rudy Giuliani is a far cry from her exemplar.

What does trouble me is the insistence that the president did nothing wrong and the Senate’s lack of interest in getting at the truth. I have concerns that we have a national security risk in the White House. It is already clear, that he feels empowered to be regal. We are not a kingdom.

So, I am disappointed in your stance. What troubles me further, is many Republicans know that Trump is guilty, yet they cannot say it. The rationalization of his corrupt and untruthful actions and statements is wearisome and numbing. My question to you and other GOP leaders, is what will you have to defend next week, next month, and the months thereafter? Adam Schiff asked an important question that the GOP needs to heed – do you want to know now or later? To be brutally frank, the GOP may want to rethink allowing Bill Weld and Joe Walsh on the primary ballots in all states.

That is my two cents. I will not be voting for the junior Senator from NC nor will I vote for the incumbent president. I would consider Weld or Walsh as a candidate, but do believe they need a fair chance, which the president has denied. I want to look up to my president and expect what he says is truthful. Neither of these apply to Donald Trump.


23 thoughts on “Disappointment – letter to a GOP Senator

  1. A truly excellent letter, Keith! I was just getting ready to start one of my own, but … why re-invent the wheel? With your permission, I will adapt your letter and send it to Senator Portman, and perhaps others, as well as share it on my own blog so that my readers can use it, if you don’t mind? Thanks!

  2. Excellent Keith, I’m in total agreement with your views. I’ve emailed my senators in Florida but I’m sure you know we can count on Scott and Little Marco to continue their total alliance with Trump putting their own interests before the country as he does.

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  4. Note to Readers: Thanks for the comments. I posted variations of the above on several Senators’ websites. The ones who are more open-minded such as Alexander (although he said no to witnesses this morning), Gardner, Sasse, Romney, Lee, Fischer, Collins, Murkowski, and Ernst (who I keep hoping for since she lives in Iowa) as well as my two senators, Tillis and Burr. Burr is disappointing me as he knows better. I also sent this to Grassley and Blackburn. Please send something or call. I have called several times and sent earlier emails, so I know they are tired of me.

  5. Note to Readers II: It appears that the Senate might vote down witnesses. Lisa Murkowski and Lamar Alexander look to vote against. Let me speak plainly:

    – 75% of Americans want witnesses called
    – the GOP Senate majority does not want witnesses to save the president’s hind end; witnesses must take an oath to tell the truth and the truth is not Donald Trump’s friend.

    When people cover for an untruthful person, what does that make them? We have a national security risk in the White House. Call me crazy, but this concerns me. It should concern all Senators.

  6. Note to Readers III: Please reach out and thank Mitt Romney and Susan Collins for their political courage. They need to know they did the right thing.

  7. Note to Readers IV: I just posted the following comment on Scottie’s Toy Box blog.

    “The literary example that comes to mind is the Republican Senators have now fully opened Pandora’s Box. They may not ever get a chance to put the president back in the box and my guess is they won’t be able to. What they are missing, because of fear and blind allegiance, is this is the point of reckoning where they could have saved their party and democracy. This point may be looked back on in history as the watershed moment that the GOP leaders failed to act upon.”

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