What is the Trump record? – letter to the editor

While may newspaper has not published the following, I thought readers might like to see a brief comment.

Almost daily, I read Trump’s record as either the second coming or atrocious. If we set aside his boorish behavior for the moment, I see an economy continuing at a pretty good clip at 127 consecutive months of growth, but Trump has only been president 36 months. I see tariffs and trade fights which have and will dampen economic growth. I see the US global leadership diminished because of withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, Pacific trade deal and Iran nuclear deal and 63% of Europeans not trusting the US president. I see US debt and the deficit exploding at a time when we should be making strides to pay down both.

And, smart deregulation is fine, but allowing companies to pollute more has a human and economic price tag. Finally, I see us not adequately addressing climate change, healthcare, gun governance or poverty issues.

The overriding problem is we cannot set aside his bullying, untruthfulness and denigration of critics which has made us less a democracy.

11 thoughts on “What is the Trump record? – letter to the editor

    • Janis, thanks. It has a more liberal bias if any. I have been fortunafe to get about 30 letters over the years published. So, we shall see what happens. Keith

  1. That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. I find it nearly impossible, though, to set aside his boorish behaviour, though, for that is a large part of what makes him unsuitable for the job. Diplomacy, speaking skills, negotiating skills, are all part of the job, too, and he doesn’t even attempt to tone down his toxic rhetoric. That his base love that part of him is highly disturbing to me, for it speaks volumes about their character.

    • Jill, without paying attention to real news, his base has little clue of his poor global reputation or how much he lies. I saw one Trump voter say she did not think he was a bully, which is part of his modus operandi. Keith

      • I … I am speechless. She did not think he was a bully? All one has to do is listen for about 10 seconds to any of his speeches or rallies! Coherent and civil speech are … not in his vocabulary! I am stunned. We’ve got our work cut out for us.

      • Jill, that one left me speechless as well. I could at least wrap my hands around the exaggerated success that he claims, but to say he does not bully is just not apparent. Keith

    • Marilyn, I would add I think that many people, including his base, do not watch any news at all. They rely on his tweets or social media. I have somefriends who only watch sports news, eg. Keith

  2. Keith, he promised 3-5% growth with that 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut. I think we’ve averaged about 2.3% since then. Yet, he calls this the best economy…ever. Once again, he’s nothing but a blowhard. But, if he says that, his cultish followers believe his every word. Very disturbing.

    • Jeff, facts do not matter anymore. The fact about 127 consecutive months of growth gets discounted. Again, I don’t mind people being more conservative or liberal than me, but let’s work of facts and truth. Sadly, anything Trump says or tweets should be confirmed. Taking Trump at his word is a fool’s errand. Keith

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