A few Wednesday wanderings

It is a good day to go for a hike and see where I may wander. I am thinking of the JRR Tolkien line “Not all those who wander are lost.” Although, sometimes I feel I am lost in a country that has lost its compass. Here are a few thoughts to ponder while I wander.

I read that Senator Rand Paul read the name of the whistleblower in the senate yesterday. I left Paul a message after I read this. The gist is to tell him I have applauded him when he has been bipartisan and when he has shown political courage to push back on the president. I defend his right to do what he thinks is best. But, reading the name of the whistleblower on the floor of the senate is extremely poor form. It places someone in danger. We protect whistleblowers for a reason. Plus, I watched a parade of honorable diplomats testify under oath and at great risk of their concerns over Ukraine’s fledgling democracy and what they believe Trump did to use them for personal gain.

I saw where the president’s approval rating has increased to 49% under one poll with an average of 43.6% This shows me two things. People are not paying attention as they are told to look the other way. It also tells me the economy is propping up Trump’s numbers more than they should be. I have said for ten years, the president gets too much credit and too much blame for the economy. I am glad it continues at a pretty good clip, but it has been so doing for going on 128 consecutive months, and Trump has only been president for going on 37 months.

From the testimony I have seen and read, the obstruction of justice by the president and the refusal to seek the truth, I feel the president is guilty as charged. Another reason to know this is he is saying he is not, but his excuses keep changing. I have long grown weary of weak-kneed GOP sycophants rationalize the toddler’s tantrums and truancy. In my view, these folks put loyalty to this imposter king ahead of loyalty to the constitution. And, people need to know this. Fortunately, there is even a Republican group spending money to shed light on this poor stewardship.

Those are the three thoughts of the day. Have a great rest of the week.

12 thoughts on “A few Wednesday wanderings

  1. Note to Readers: I posted the following thank you on the website for Senator Mitt Romney, the lone Republican who voted to convict the president for abuse of powers.

    “Dear Senator Romney, you are to be commended for your political courage, which is in very short supply. I was highly disappointed you were the lone Republican, as I am certain many felt similarly, but did not have your courage of conviction. That saddens me about my former party. I fear we have opened fully Pandora’s Box.”

  2. Dear Keith, I can’t help but wonder if there is money being spent by a Republican Group to shed light on Poor Stewardship where these people were when it came to their Senators going forth with the biggest political injustice ever. Have they asked their Senators to cross over when it came to the vote and been ignored or have they applied no pressure.

    • David, I am not sure how successful they are, but I do like they are trying. They hit McSally hard, but she voted to acquit. I was disaapointed in a number of more moderate Republicans voting to acquit – Alexander, Burr, Collins, Gardner, Murkowski, eg. Keith

  3. I have never been more disgusted with our nation than today, my friend. I read a number of “man on the street” comments after the acquittal, and the majority seemed to think Trump did nothing wrong, or if he did, it wasn’t enough to impeach him, so apparently the GOP has done their manipulating and gas lighting quite well. This is why I say I’m disgusted with our ‘nation’ and not just our government … the people put these buffoons in office and are likely to send them back to Capitol Hill in November. Sigh. 😥

    • Jill, quite simply, most Americans do not watch, much less read news. Another segment gets news from buased sources. We are among the most uninformed industrialized countries, which is why it is so easy for Trump and Putin. Keith

  4. Hello Keith. Rand Paul is not making sense about the whistleblower, which means to me he is being pushed hard by the cult and the dear leader. Paul is smart enough to know the facts have been proven and they are not even bothering to address the facts. This is about revenge and a pound of flesh, making sure no one tries to snitch on the crime boss again. We know there are more crimes to come out and this is a warning to others not to do it. Maybe some that Paul is involved with, we do know he has made a few trips to Russia on tRump’s behalf.

    I read several good analysis over tRump’s gain in polls. First everyone says it is only one poll, then they go through reasons for a small lift that dissipates quickly. They called it the dead cat bounce. Time will tell.

    Like you I am tired of the gaslighting and projection on the part of the Republicans. But they figure that is the better price to pay than having the cult leader turn on them. Don Jr tweeted out that Romney should be expelled from the Republican party. Really, disagree with the crime family and get taken out? Is that what our country is now? Hugs

    • Scottie, the thing that Romney did us he reminded Republican Senators of their conscience and dereliction of duty. I am disappointed other Republicans could not find their spine. To me, opening Pandora ‘s Box is a pertinent description. Keith

  5. 49%?
    I apologise if I have given you this quote before Keith (it’s so apt these days in both the UK & The USA I have used it frequently ). It’s from Prime Minster Walpole, in the 18th Century
    ‘They are ringing bells now. Soon they will be wringing their hands,’

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