Pandora’s Box – abbreviated version

Below is a abbreviated version of my recent post on opening Pandora’s Box. I shortened it to send to my local newspaper. Please feel free to adapt and use. I feel the Pandora’s Box metaphor is apt.

“Republican Senators may now be fully opening Pandora’s Box, since they acquitted the US president with no formal admonishment. They may not ever get a chance to put the president back in the box. I believe the evidence is pretty compelling that the president is every bit as guilty and more. Sadly, he has dragged others into his mess, as is his modus operandi.

What they are missing because of fear and blind allegiance is this is the point of reckoning where they could have saved their own party and our democracy. We are not a kingdom. As an independent and former GOP and Democrat voter, I do not care what party is represented in the White House. But, when the incumbent dishonors the position to the point where 63% of Europeans do not trust him, trusting Putin and Xi more, what does that tell you? Taking the US president at his word is fool’s errand.”

7 thoughts on “Pandora’s Box – abbreviated version

  1. Note to Readers: I left a message on Senator Mitt Romney’s website applauding his political courage and voting his conscience. It is too bad others Republicans did not join in. I do think we should take the opportunity to call GOP Senators and let them know how much we admire Romney’s political courage.

  2. What happened regarding the impeachment was actually expected over here but still, it is unbelievable that in a so-called democracy it is possible to prohibit witnesses and evidence. I cannot understand that something like that is happening legally in a western country! As I said, it was expected to happen but I am shocked that the expectations have been fulfilled.

  3. Note to Readers II: The newspaper printed the above abbreviated version of the letter on Sunday. It was centered between dueling letters on the impeachment trial. Hopefully, it got a few people’s attention, but I don’t hold my breath.

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