Here, there and everywhere

A lesser known Beatles’ song penned by Lennon/ McCartney was on the Revolver album – “Here, there and everywhere.” Using this song as a title to a potpourri post seemed appropriate. In no particular order:

A stark difference in the reactions to briefings that Russia is continuing to meddle in our elections was provided this week. Senator Bernie Sanders told Putin to back off, while the president of the United States fired the acting director of the Department of National Intelligence. Former Senator John McCain said in an editorial after Trump’s kowtowing to Trump in Helsinki, that he never thought he would witness a US president taking the word of a Russian leader over that of his own intelligence people. He still is. I have shared with multiple senators for many months that we have a national security risk in the White House. His name is Donald Trump.

Wells Fargo was fined $3 billion for their actions that led to the fraudulent creation of accounts and the failure to address these issues. They had been fined hundreds of millions earlier, but they still did not realize the severity of their screw up. Something this big is traceable to the top, whether it is explicit or implicit. Implicit means they created an environment that tolerated such bad behavior.

After yet another hate inspired mass shooting, this time in Germany, it troubles me that our leaders here are not condemning this in the harshest terms as German Chancellor Angela Merkel has done. Bigotry has to be carefully taught, so the only way to teach its counterpart is to condemn bigotry again and again as wrong. Our president fails to understand this point.

On the good side, the Taliban, Afghani and US negotiators are headed for an agreement which may end hostilities and allow for the exit of more US troops. Mistrust on all sides abounds, but let’s wish for a tangible and sustainable agreement.

Finally, from mythology, people who got too close to Medusa were either shot by arrow or turned into stone. US Attorney General is realizing now he has gotten to close to Medusa damaging his reputation. So, unless he leaves the building, he will end up being shot by the proverbial arrow or turned to proverbial stone. I guess the snakes are hiding in the combover.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

14 thoughts on “Here, there and everywhere

  1. Hello Keith. I hope you don’t mind my sharing my thoughts on some of your good post. On the Wells Fargo affair while the company is paying fines, the CEO at the time got a huge golden parachute severance package of 130 million dollars. How does that make any sense even in a totally unrestrained capitalist world? He cost the company far more than that in fines and fees, yet he gets a huge pay off while many underlings are made to suffer with loss of jobs and actions against them, and for policies his upper management team promoted. The workers pay the price while the upper management reaps rewards.

    On bigotry has to be taught there is a famous video on that. I hope you will forgive me adding the link to it here. I wish we could be as forceful about unteaching hate, about teaching inclusion, acceptance, and taking joy in different cultures always. Is it really so wrong to let people celebrate their culture? Their historical ways that harm no one. I think of the way so many evangelical religious leaders rail against the rainbow flag representing the LGBTQ+. It seems to me they are doing more harm to their cause than if they ignored it. They bring a lot of attention to colored cloth that wouldn’t come to any overwhelming attention until they constantly attack it. Today I posted about a religious group overjoyed that they get to harass people not of their faith at a local attraction. It was not about respect for anyone else but the goal to push their religion on others. It saddens me this is what faith has become today, the right to oppress others. There was a time when people used their faith to strengthen themselves, not to weaken others. Hugs

    • Scottie, Boards of Directors are so reluctant to fire someone for cause, even when it is obvious. As for a religion harassing others, that is not religion, that is hate. Jesus would not condone such. Keith

      • Hello Keith. You have corporate experience that I lack. I am not sure if it is a protection culture such as the “thin blue line”, but I want to understand how these people that push the idea of unrestrained capitalism being the best way to have a functioning economy with we can clearly see the destruction of the economy as the result of such lack of restraint? If I had a job and screwed up and lost the company I worked for a bunch of money I would be fired and the news would go out to every other business not to hire me. Yet for these CEO’s it seems to be standard procedure. I am sure you don’t need me to list the hundreds of CEOs in the last five years that have cost their companies millions of dollars yet reaped billions in severance packages. How is that good for those businesses, and how is that an incentive for capitalism. In the cases of utilities it is the public that is on the hook for those golden parachutes and the cost of fixing what they allowed to be broken. To me this is not capitalism but crony oligarchy or a plutocracy. Hugs

      • Scottie, first off, the 80/20 rule applies to CEOs as well, with only 20% earning their keep. It is an oligarchy of sorts, as they tend to overly protect the CEOs. They tend not to have the stomach to fire a CEO for cause. Think Roger Ailes, eg. Keith

  2. It appears that, perhaps beginning with Vindman’s and Sondland’s firings, then Maguire’s this week, plus rumblings that this is only the beginning, we are going to see a purge in this administration … one where some of the sharpest people will be forced out and replaced by unqualified people like Richard Grenell as DNI. Meanwhile, the republican senators will put their fingers in their ears, put on their rose-coloured glasses, and sing louder to drown out the noise.

    Oh, and thanks for the earworm, by the way! ♫

    • Jill, you’re welcome on the earworm. I have been using Pandora’s box being opened, but on occasion I have said the GOP Senators have released the Kraken about Trump. The comparative stories betwern how Sanders and Trump addressed Putin’s meddling is a great example to use with GOP senators. Ot gives me a chance to bring up what John McCain said as well. I have left messages with my senators and may make a few more phone calls next week.


      • Payback, Keith! 🙂 Yes, I’ve used the Pandora’s Box analogy many, many times … I like the “released the Kraken” one too. Both are true. Just the things we know about that are happening is enough to put me in fight mode … and I’d bet my life there is more we don’t know than that we do. Like you … I will be contacting my senators, and also my fool of a representative, Warren Davidson. With everything happening, all Davidson is on about is crypto-currency. Sheesh …

      • Jill, our Congressman is similar to Davidson. What is additionally frustrating is Trump supporters do not realize he believes he can lie to them with impunity. It is akin to the loving spouse refusing to believe her spouse is lying to her. The obvious answer that he is cheating and lying is rationalized away. Keith

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