Memo to Democrat candidates – the president wants a mud fight

Dating back to the months following the incumbent president walking down the escalator to declare his candidacy, it has been very clear the president prefers a mud fight. Since he disdains reading and preparation, he knows the best was he can win is to sling mud. I want all candidates running for president to think of this comment.

Mud fights take full advantage of name-calling, labeling, and bumper sticker debate. As someone whose best skill is selling, Trump looks for props to sling mud with. Think Lyin’ Ted, Sleepy Jeb, Crooked Hillary, Little Marco, as easy examples. If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, Trump will not just call him a socialist, he will call him a communist, which is not the same thing. In a mud fight, accuracy does not matter.

Trump is already tweeting away to paint his opposition in negative terms. Like most narcissists, he also projects his own shortcomings onto others. It is part of a narcissist’s defense mechanism. Call your opponent what could be raised about you to dilute its impact. If you ever want to know what Trump is guilty of, watch what he calls others.

So, my advice to the Democrat candidates and eventual presidential candidate, it is more than OK to be forceful with criticism of the president and his words and actions. It is hard not to. But, focus on the issues and underlying truths. We cannot have a president act in the way this one acts. We cannot extort countries for personal gain. We should not put children in cages and treat visitors to our country so poorly. We should not condemn the media or people who criticize the president. We need a president is truthful.

It amazes me the hold the president has over his followers. To me, his corrupt, deceitful and demeaning behavior is obvious. Two attorneys who worked with him have gone on public record to define Trump as untruthful or worse.

So, opposing candidates need to lean into Trump with obvious truths. Whether he is the nominee or not, the commercials run by Michael Bloomberg are excellent. He balances between his successes, his focus on key issues and disdain for how the president acts.

As I have shared with Senators and their staff, regardless of party, we cannot have a president who acts the way this one acts.

7 thoughts on “Memo to Democrat candidates – the president wants a mud fight

  1. Your assessment and advice are as sound as any I’ve heard. Yes, he wants a mudfest, for that is the only venue he knows. He cannot compete in a well-reasoned argument that includes facts and sound ideology … he only knows how to be the schoolyard bully … or the mafia don. The hold he has over his followers is, indeed, amazing, but so is the fact that the number of his followers seems to remain steady, or even increase over time, though he still has not reached the 50% mark and isn’t likely to. Still, the fight is on, and the side of common sense already has a few strikes against it in the form of gerrymandering and restrictive voter ID laws, to name a few. Let the democratic candidates not give him more by infighting and lowering themselves to his level. Sigh.

      • Rough around the edges, my foot! He is everything you say, and evil, wicked as well. He has zero compassion for any but himself and will stomp on anybody to get his way.

      • Agreed. “Rough around the edges” and “I wish he would not tweet so much” are pat phrases to rationalize him. Then, there is the “You just don’t like him” retort. To me, there are few responses that might get heard. “I am afraid he is a little more than rough around the edges.” Or, “I agree, when he tweets, someone is usually being thrown under the bus.” On the last one, “I think what I don’t like is not being able to trust my own president.”


  2. Hello Keith. Yes tRump wants a mud fight and all you say is true. What I can not figure out is why his followers think he is a tough guy when he attacks those who are not in the room with him or who have no power to fight back. In settings he totally controls he will be the most aggressively demeaning and insulting to someone, yet can not fire anyone in person. He is the bully that taunts from the safety of his group, but never when alone. Hugs

    • Scottie, all true. Let us not forget his not showing up at a debate because Meghan Kelly asked him a tough question the previous. I can hear him now. “Roger, she was mean to me.” With Trump, it is all false bravado. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I mentioned Meghan Kelly to Scottie in my response. What scares Trump the most is a strong woman who won’t put up with his little boy tantrums. He is scared of Nancy Pelosi and, while she won’t likely get the chance. Elizabeth Warren would win any debate with Trump.

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