Take it to the bank – it is political

When politicians do not follow customary procedures, take it to the bank, the reason is politically motivated. We have procedures, rules and laws to provide guardrails to governance. Senator Mitch McConnell is as political as they come, but so was his predecessor Senator Harry Reid.

Yet, both highly political men pale in comparison to the highly abnormal actions and words of the incumbent president, where seemingly every issue is political. It is a key reason we are exhausted as a nation. The regal-minded president just wears everyone out, even his followers.

When he denigrates the Federal Reserve, media or those who say things he does not like, which is abnormal in tone and magnitude, it is political. When he says there is a deep state out to get him, take it to the bank, he is being political. His worst enemy is the one that stares back at him when he shaves.

Hard working, duty-bound public servants are trying to do their job. When several testified under oath about their concerns of the actions of the president, don’t you think they knew of the risks, heightened even moreso by a vindictive president?

I hear how the impeachment was a hoax, but the House called witnesses and swore them in. I watched these folks and they seemed far more credible than some of the Representatives whose obvious mission was to verbally beat the crap out of the witnesses. Take it to the bank, their tongue-lashing was political. The truth was less important than to crush the credibility of the witnesses.

But, it is not just at the national level or just in our country. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has protestors or opposing candidates thrown in jail. Former British PM Theresa May called for a special election to secure more seats and the British public punished her with the opposite in response to her political move. She held an unnecessary election.

In my state of North Carolina, the former Speaker of the House did not have the votes to pass a budget, so he sent everyone home late that night. But, he told his party members to stay close and held another vote at 1 am with a small quorum. Not only is that political, it is unethical in my view. By the way, that Speaker is now the junior US Senator from NC.

We must have our leaders follow normal processes to protect us from politically motivated actions. We cannot tolerate that from Congress, nor should we tolerate it from the White House. When they behave out of the norm, take it to the bank, it is political.

8 thoughts on “Take it to the bank – it is political

  1. It would seem that EVERYTHING is political these days. It’s sad, that we question every word, every action of our politicians. There has long been corruption in politics, but never has it reached the level it has reached in the past three years. And this, from a man who claimed he was planning to ‘drain the swamp’. The swamp is more congested with more nasties than ever before. Great post, Keith … I’m thinking you mean Thom Tillis?

    • Jill, so true. Things that need not be poltical are, in part, to let the president blame others for his corruption and deceit and, in part, because he feels he can gain from it.

      Yes, Thom Tillis was the NC Speaker he conducted the unethical subterfuge. I also recall him denying a Representative the right to change a miscast vote that passed by one vote, an issue he favored. It was to allow fracking in our state, even though, their os not much natural gas to frack here and known has been done in the five years since. Keith

      • Speaking of turning everything into a political game … this morning I read that Mick Mulvaney claims the only reason the media is covering the spread of the coronavirus is to “bring down the president”. This is, in my book, carrying things just a bit too far! What is more important … the safety of the people, or the prez’ ego?

        Tillis hasn’t come onto my radar often, but the few times he has, I have not been impressed by him. Oh, by the way … I finally received a letter back from Rob Portman in response to my letter expressing my disappointment for his vote to acquit Trump. He justified it by saying if we had removed Trump from office, it would have set a precedent and that every president from this point forward would be under the threat of impeachment. Sigh.

      • Jill, this is Mulvaney’s version of they are out to get him. By the way, it is not the media making the stock market tank. Tillis is very disappointing. I did not, nor would I ever vote for Tillis. As for Portman, if one cannot at least take the time to call witnesses, then it is difficult to acquit. Keith

  2. I’m currently reading (well listening actually-audio books) to some works on Rome. The republican era shenanigans are very familiar to today (aside from the fact you’ve not reached the stage of rent-a-mob armed gangs charging into the senate and killing someone) only they were more eloquent. Eventually it led to an emperor-not that thing you have in the Whitehouse, a very smooth operator known as Augustus seemingly affable but ruthless and then things went up and down. The fools soon went to the wall.
    History may have a lesson or two there.

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