If everything is a hoax, what is real?

We learned from the president of the United States, the coronavirus is a hoax designed by Democrats and the media to make him look bad. The president needs no assistance in looking bad. The family members who lost a loved one can breath more easily. And, the huge decline in the markets is not happening.

Of course, per the president, the Russian thing is a hoax designed to make him look bad. Good, so we need not worry that they did it and are doing it again per our national intelligence agencies.

Of course, if that was a hoax, then the Mueller investigation is a hoax or witchhunt. The fact that people have gone to jail and were indicted is irrelevant. The fact the Mueller report did not exonerate Trump of obstruction and said he was less than truthful is beside the point.

Plus, the impeachment thing was a hoax. It was another witchhunt per the president. So, I guess we should ignore those credible witnesses who testified at great risk and under oath, as well as the fact he was impeached in the house.

While we are at it, Michael Cohen’s words under oath where he said “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con artist and he is a cheat,” were never spoken. It must have been a hoax thing.

So, if every thing is s hoax, what is real? It must be a hoax that Donald Trump is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, including the crooked Richard Nixon. It must also be a hoax that Republican leaders would rather damage our democracy than question the abuse of power in the White House.

Let me leave Republican sycophants a piece of advice. Taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand. And, that is no hoax.

18 thoughts on “If everything is a hoax, what is real?

  1. Keith, with this president, we should question every word that comes out of his mouth. And that’s beyond troubling, especially at a time of heightened public concern. You’ve got to have credible information coming from the White House. And we can’t be assured of that. It’s why the only people I’m going to listen to are the health experts. People like Anthony Fauci. He’s been around forever, and is highly respected. I wish the president would just head down to Mar-A-Lago during this crisis and give us all a break.

    • Jeff, agreed. When people say “you just don’t like the president,” my response is “what I don’t like is he gives me no reason to believe a word he says.” If he were not president, his opinion would be largely ignored since he has so little credibility. Keith

  2. I feel as though the last three years has been ‘Fake News’ snf s pre-election hoax. Perhaps I shall wake up inn the shower in the morning with a massive water bill and a smile on my face knowing Hillary. Clinton will be going out for the election and coming back a President. The nightmare will be over.
    Hugs Keith

  3. If the people cannot trust the president, then it is time for him to go. In some countries, at this point he would get a vote of ‘no confidence’ from Congress and be gone! Everything is about him, and if it doesn’t feed his ego, then it’s a hoax. My jaw dropped when I heard him basically tell Dr. Sanjay Gupta in a televised press conference that he was wrong, that his statistics were wrong! Time for him to go …

    • Jill, that would be nice to see. Picking up on David’s dream, I dream the GOP Senators called witnesses and they believed the hard truths that the president is corrupt and indecent.

      Trump arguing facts is the example of an unarmed person. Keith

      • Your comment reminds me of my long-ago professor and friend, Bill Lee, who often said, “I would challenge you to a game of wits, but I don’t like to play against an unarmed opponent”. It was funny, because it went right over some people’s heads!

      • Jill, too true. Trump makes fun of Elizabeth Warren, well he makes fun of everyone else, but she is a debate champion. She would wax Trump in a debate if she got the chance. I was thinking if Bernie wins, he should pick a moderate VP like Amy Klobuchar. If Joe wins, he should pick Warren as VP. That will help galvanize the party ticket. Keith

  4. At least he stopped blaming everything on crooked Hillary. Considering his hubris and limited vocabulary, I suppose hoax is a welcome change from witch hunt. Sidebar – remember when president wannabe Trump boasted of grabbing women by the pussy or smirked self satisfied assertion he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it because of who he was?

    • It is the same person is it not? He also bragged on the Howard Stern show on two occasions that he liked walking in on partially dressed teen Miss USA pageants. This will not surprise you, but they referred to him as the creepy old man. What amazes me as much is his ridiculing of the disabled reporter and John McCain. Sadly, all of these examples are true, but they do not matter to his base.

  5. Note to Readers: Two true stories about hoaxes perpetuated by a certain person that were untrue.
    – after a horrendous murder in Central Park, five African-Americans were charged and convicted of the murder. Donsld Trump took out a full page ad to influence public opinion they were guilty. Years later, they were proven to be innocent.
    – Years later, Donald Trump perpetuated for years that Barack Obama was not born in America. This untrue conspiracy story would have died had it not been for Trump. Two months before the 2016 election where he called a press conference to say it was not true, which he did, he then blamed Hillary Clinton for the story. In fairness, it surfaced in 2008, but Clinton’s campaign dismissed it. These are true stories of what a real hoax looks like. Sadly, there are others perpetuated routinely by our deceitful president.

  6. Rutherford Hayes was a minority president who gained the post through some questionable deals within The Electoral College, but at least he tried to do some good during his tenure.
    Trump merely indicates that the other dangerous ailment Terminal Stupidity is increasing unchecked.

    • Roger, the only good Trump will attempt to do is if it coincides with doing something good for himself. His followers have no idea how much his tax bill favored corporations and the wealthy and how he has been at war with many programs designed to help people in need. Keith

      • No doubt his followers will have a large proportion of the followers the ‘People Should Stand On Their Two Feet’ line of thinking. So why should they care (unless it happens to them of course)

      • Roger, this thinking goes on until it is them or a family member in need. At one point in the 2012 GOP debates, someone opined that hospitals should turn away people that do not have insurance and every candidate raised their hand in support. That is equine excrement. If that happened to them, they would be screaming bloody murder. Gandhi said it best – a society’s greatness is measured in how it takes care of its least fortunate. If a society passes, then it is just another a country. Keith

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