A couple of musical memories

As I search my thoughts for writing inspiration, a Carole King song leaped off the TV screen in a show we were watching. We saw the traveling Broadway show “Beautiful” about King’s life.

King is an American treasure and has written or co-written some of our most popular songs. Then, she realized she could sing them as well. “Tapestry” was her first album and for the longest while was the best selling album ever.

It reminded me of another prolific songwriter named James Taylor. He sang King’s song “You’ve got a friend,” at her invitation. She would later record it and include it on “Tapestry.” We saw Taylor two times and it was a treat. Yet, seeing the two of them perform together on PBS was even more special.

Connecting one more dot, Taylor dated another singer-songwriter named Carly Simon. Of course, she has had a wonderful career building off songs like “You’re so vain” and “Anticipation,” which sold more than ketchup.

Three artists with a connection more than music. Three people who have given us their hearts and souls in their music. There are other connections like this to explore.

Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell lived together, which inspired Nash to write “Our House.” Mitchell wrote the pivotal song about “Woodstock” also sung by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Stephen Stills dated Judy Collins, who he wrote about in “Suite Judy Blue Eyes,” another CSNY song. And, to round it all out, Collins had a hit with Mitchell’s “Both sides now.”

Connections. Inspiration. Collaboration. Memorable music.


5 thoughts on “A couple of musical memories

  1. Note to Readers: One more dot connection. When Neil Young sang in the movie “The Last Waltz” about The Band, he sang “Helpless” with Joni Mitchell singing back up in a silhouette shadow. The scene was haunting with her being in the background, especially given the haunting nature of the song. Note that I included Young’s name with Crosby, Stills and Nash as he was briefly with the band. He was invited by Stills since they played together on Buffalo Springfield. Stills felt that CSN needed a better guitarist, so the lead guitar evident on Mitchell’s “Woodstock” which was written after the famous event, is Young.

  2. Thanks Roger. Also, I think the competition to write good songs is helpful. Lennon-McCartney competed. Tin Pan Alley songwriters competed. Paul Simon competed against others who said his music did not fit in.

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