A few more hoaxes

Recently, I wrote about “If everything is a hoax, what is real?” Yet, the person who claims everything critical against him is a hoax, is one of the biggest purveyors of hoaxes and fake news. Here are a couple of things to think about, both old and new:

– Trump says he started with a $1 million loan from his father. The real story is his father transferred over $400 million to his son before he died through a variety of means to escape estate taxes.

– Trump started his political persona on Fox by perpetuating a later refuted conspiracy that President Obama was not born in the US. After finally fessing up, he did what he often does and blamed Hillary Clinton.

– Trump said the India prime minister asked him to broker a peace deal between India and Pakistan over the territory of Kashmir announced while the Pakistan prime minister was visiting. Within the hour, the India prime minister said no such request was made. The White House was eerily silent after this unforced error.

– Trump has repeatedly said the Mueller investigation was a witch hunt, yet over 30 people were indicted and some have gone to jail. The report also did not exonerate Trump of obstruction of justice, noted several places where the president lied and revealed an overall sloppy and inviting relationship with Russia. I have said the Russians did not need to collude, as the Trump campaign was easy pickings for use. With that said, the report noted if they dug deeper, they may have found more as files had been erased.

– Trump continues to say he did nothing wrong with the Ukraine, but the evidence is to the contrary. But, one key question to ask is if the call with the Ukraine president was “so perfect,” why did White House staff try to bury it?

There are so many more examples we could note, but that will get the conversation started. As an independent voter who has been a member of both parties, it matters not what party is in the White House – this behavior is not right and it certainly is not presidential.

PS – Interesting to note the Republican governor of Vermont has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld, former governor of Massachusetts. This is no hoax or fake news. Now, why would he do that?

10 thoughts on “A few more hoaxes

  1. Note to Readers: This piece written in by The New York Times about the wealth transfer barely registered when released on October 2, 2018. Of course, new rape allegations didn’t even move the needle either.

  2. It’s sad … and frightening … when we wake up one morning and realize that not trusting our government has become the norm. Other countries have gone through this, but I never thought we would … I thought we were better than this, had a system that would protect us from a lying megalomaniac rising to the highest office in the land. I was wrong.

    • Jill, after Nixon was forced to resign over his criminal and corrupt behavior, I thought we learned our lesson. What is sadly prophetic, the seeds of Trump were fomented by a couple of behind the scenes folks that rose out of the Nixon ashes – Roger Ailes, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. You layer on a Bush appointee named Dick Cheney, who later puppeteered Bush’s son as VP, and these folks made dirty, cut-throat politics an art form. Keith

      • Your assessment is spot-on, Keith. I thought we had learned after Nixon, too. Now my fear is that we haven’t learned from the reign of Trump, either. We’ll find out on November 3rd.

      • Jill, we need to use the words of Republicans, such as Tucker Carlson, the Vermont governor, Republicans for the Rule of Law, etc. Also, Leonard Pitts has a column today on the incompetence of the White House. I agree with his assessment, as does concervartive pundit, David Brooks. Keith

    • Roger, Democrats are lousy marketers. Even with one less White House term, the number of jobs created under Democrats dwarf that created under Republicans (dating back to 1921) the economy has done better and the stock market has done better (dating back to 1901) than under Republican White Houses. But, too many people believe the opposite. Keith

      • Ah, that makes sense Keith. Marketing in its various forms has always been important in politics (Greek and Roman histories show certain comparisons).
        Thanks for that insight.

      • True. Marketing has a long history in governance and politics. One of the subtle tricks that Putin uses is TV shows are peppered with praise for Putin, but he is smart enough to allow some minor criticism to obfuscate what he is doing. A reporter for RT in the US resigned because it is apparent Putin and his henchmen control the narrative.

        What should be a clarion call, Fox News is launching a new entertainment network – my fear is to do the same thing. Keith

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