A voice worth listening to – Dr. Fiona Hill

On Sunday night’s edition of “60 Minutes,” Dr. Fiona Hill was interviewed. Hill is one of the foremost experts on Russia and Vladimir Putin and has served in both in Republican and Democrat White Houses. Among many highly credible witnesses at the House impeachment hearings, I found her voice the most credible and her impassioned cautions very legitimate and concerning.

Hill represents the best of public servants and hers is an opinion worth listening to. She also handled with aplomb the grenades thrown at her by the more strident Trump supporters at the House impeachment hearings. In their sophomore efforts to discredit this nonpartisan and honorable public servant, they showed how inferior their arguments were against someone testifying under oath who knew what she was talking about and was there to serve her country.

I have attached a link to the interview below, but here are a few highlights:

– the narrative Ukraine was the source of the 2016 election disruption and not Russia is a “Russian narrative” that has been perpetuated in America by Russian influencers and conservative talk show hosts.
– Putin studies all adversaries, including Trump, to find exploitable weaknesses. That is what he has always done. She used an example with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to illustrate this point.
– Putin wants Bernie Sanders to win and is aiding his campaign because he wants to see the two more extreme candidates with the smallest bases divide America more, with all of us left in the middle.
– Putin did not invent racism in America, but he studies America, as he does other countries, and he promotes disinformation to cause dissension.
– She is frustrated how public servants who are trying to serve America are being portrayed as political. They are not there to be political, it is the ones who are finger pointing at them who are.
– She was painted with an indicting brush when she was asked to join the Trump White House. None other than self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” Roger Stone bad mouthed her on Alex Jones’ “Infowars” show. It should be noted Jones is a big conspiracy nut with a voice.

So, Hill should be listened to. But, let me sum up some of the others. Stone is going to jail for lying to Congress among other things. Jones lost a law suit against the Sandy Hook parents for the anguish he caused when he said the Sandy Hook massacre of 27 people, mostly kids, was a hoax. Congressman Devin Nunes, who was one of the folks that beat up on Hill, should have recused himself from the hearings, as his name appeared in the Lev Parnas’ documents.

Then, there is the president. We have to listen to him as he is the president, but we don’t have to believe what he says. I try to read his comments than watch him say them, as I don’t like be lied to so blatantly. But, when I read what he said, I start out not believing one word as true as the odds are in my favor.

Dr. Hill, thank you for your service over the years and in the future. You deserve better treatment than you have received in the last few months. She noted her daughter kept her in perspective when she was nervous about a test the day of her mother’s testimony. When the mother shared her own nervousness about testifying, her daughter told her they were not the same thing. All you have to do is tell the truth, mommy. And, that she did.


5 thoughts on “A voice worth listening to – Dr. Fiona Hill

  1. I was impressed with Dr. Hill’s testimony during the impeachment hearings, and this interview confirms my belief that this is a woman of honour and integrity … neither of which are traits of anybody in the current administration. I second your last paragraph … thank you, Dr. Hill, for everything you have given this nation over the years, and for your integrity and honesty this past year.

    • Hugh, I just cannot watch him, as the range of lying from blatant to exaggeration is unsettling. I also do not care for the overt blame shifting, such as the media is causing the markets to crash not the oil glut, coronavirus on top of some global softening. When I read his untruths, it is less stressful. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I share Hill’s frustration of how hard-working public servants are demonized by politicians to shift blame or discredit. For years, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office does a terrific job of making sure their projections of changes are as accurate as possible. But, a projection is a forecasted estimate.

    Yet, when the nonpartisan CBO’s numbers are favorable to a politician, they are portrayed as saints. Yet, when their numbers are not favorable, they are demons – same people.

    What the CBO does is hard work. They projected the Dec 2017 tax law would increase the debt by $1.5 trillion, an average of $150 billion a year. It should be noted the forecasted deficit increased the last two years by somethlng in that neighborhood. Of course, the politicians who sold us the tax bill said GDP growth would increase to 4% and it would pay for itself. The GDP growth went from 2.1% in 2017 to 2.9% in 2018 falling to 2.3% in 2019.

    So, when any politician blames a nonpartisan entity, please look more closely.

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