A fool’s errand

The president of the United States said yesterday that reporters are trying to get the coronavirus so that they can infect him. In a long list of bizarre, blatant and mere exaggerated lies, this comment may be his most idiotic. Mind you, there is a lot of competition for the prize as most idiotic. But, to think someone would endanger themselves and their family to get the president sick is just beyond reason.

The fact the president is untruthful is not news. Even Tucker Carlson admitted to such on his Fox News program last fall. Why that is not more of a problem to Carlson is beyond me? Lately, I have been using the following phrase to define how we should react to the president’s persistent untruthfulness. “Taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand.”

When Trump supporters tell me I just don’t like the president, the truthful response is I do not like that I cannot trust the president of the United States. But, I am not alone. In a poll of Europeans several weeks ago, 64% said they do not trust the president of the United States. Even more alarming is they trust Vladimir Putin and Xi Jingpeng more.

The president should not lie in everyday matters. Senator Bernie Sanders rightfully calls him a “pathological liar.” Trump’s former National Economic Advisor Gary Cohn called him a “prodigious liar.” John Dowd, an attorney working on the Mueller investigation on behalf of Trump called him a “f**king liar.” And, the list goes on, but I often use Thomas Wells, an attorney for Trump, who wrote in 2016, “Donald Trump lies everyday, even about things of no consequence.” The only thing Wells got wrong is the frequency is higher. He lies several times a day.

Yet, in times of crisis, we must look to the president for telling us what is going on. But, we cannot with this person. He protects his image or the perception over the truth. He simply cannot be accountable or own the truth. He said earlier this week it is the media that is causing the stock market to fall. Per the president, it has nothing to do with the coronavirus unpreparedness and impact it is having on people doing things. And, it has nothing to with Saudi Arabia and Russia causing an oil glut or the general softening of the growth in the global economy.

As I have said to others, I no longer watch the president as it is unsettling to count the lies in real time. I prefer to read them and judge for myself. I start from the bottom not believing a word he says or tweets. Then, I go from there. To me, it is sad to feel that way about the president. Other presidents have lied, but not with the frequency and volume that the incumbent does.

-George W. Bush told us there were weapons of mass destruction as reason for invading Iraq. That was a lie.
-Bill Clinton said he did not have sexual relations with that woman. That was a lie.
-Barack Obama said if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. That was a lie.
-Ronald Reagan told us he did not sell arms to Iran to fund the Contras in Nicaragua. That was a lie.
-George HW Bush said read my lips, no new taxes. That turned out to be a lie.
-Richard Nixon said I am not a crook. That was a lie.

Yet, while I can likely note a few others by the above, I can easily name a half dozen lies the incumbent has said in about five minutes. Given more time, I can think of a few dozen. Googling would list a host more.

So, to the Trump fan who said he is just rough around the edges, or to the one in the commercial who said you can trust Donald Trump, please note the following. Trump is more than rough around the edges. And, the US is less trustworthy because our president cannot be trusted. So, my strong advice to people is “taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand.”

12 thoughts on “A fool’s errand

  1. Note to Readers: The following is a headline and sub-headline from an article in The Guardian. It speaks volumes:

    “Republican Michigan mayor endorses Biden instead of ‘deranged’ Trump

    Michael Taylor, mayor of Sterling Heights, says he’s voting for former vice-president as Biden and Sanders battle for key state”

  2. It is indeed a fool’s errand, and there are an awful lot of fools in this nation who do, in fact, take him at his word. All of the presidents you listed above, yes even including Nixon, were far and above more honest and valuable than the current resident of the Oval Office. Whenever I hear him say anything, I assume it is untrue. That can and likely will pose a significant risk to the safety of this nation at some point. And the responsibility for that will rest on the shoulders of those who have defended him.

  3. Note to Readers II: I was pleased to see my local newspaper print my letter to the editor this morning. The Charlotte Observer ran it under the headline, “White House chaos leave us in a lurch.”

    Here is the piece:

    “As an independent voter and older person, I was well aware of the untruthful nature of the now president. Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked with him said before the election “Donald Trump lies everyday even about things of no consequence.” Yet, what has surprised me most is what conservative pundit David Brooks described about the Trump White House after the disastrous travel ban roll-out calling it “equal parts chaos and incompetence.” Valuing loyalty over competence, preferring a chaotic management style, and having a disdain for planning ahead have consistently left his staff, Congress and our country in a lurch. The coronavirus lack of preparation and firing the global pandemic team last year is par for the course.”

  4. You speak the truth Keith, about the Liar-in-chief. I suppose we’ve dodged a bullet the last 3.5 years. We knew something like the virus would occur at some point. I hope those independent voters who would actually consider voting for him in 2020, have finally had enough. Clearly, the Democratic electorate has made it’s voice loud and clear: it’s time to go back to normalcy and decency. Enough with this charlatan.

  5. All I need to see is a picture of Trump, it is not necessary to read the details of the words he used, they will either be falsehoods, ludicrous claims or immature nonsense.
    Johnson might be an incompetent opportunist of privilege but Trump is far worse.

    • Roger, agreed. A picture of the president behind the news presenter make my wife and me ill. Watching him lie is something I just don’t want to do. Keith

      • Quite so Keith. Normally I defend the BBC stoutly, but I turned on the news for 8pm, they can the whole US administration’s press conference over the state of emergency, which Trump made snide attacks on the previous administration. Why the BBC thought it necessary to devote at least 30 mins to Trump instead of our own news is beyond me, If I wanted this I would have checked CNN

      • Roger, while reading your comment, they were showing a snippet of said speech on the morning news. He likes to have VP Mike Pence right over his shoulder. Pence gives the best puppy dog expression of loyalty. I think he must practice. The others tend to let their faces betray them. Keith

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