That truth stuff has never been his thing

This COVID-19 is serious stuff and we can no longer mess around. We missed six weeks when we should have been investing in things we would need rather than naysaying it and selling stocks like my Senator did. As for the whitewashing now going on that the president never did downplay the pandemic, we should not forget that the president has long had a problem with that truth stuff. So, even when it appears he is being more truthful than before, it is a deep hole to climb out of. And, one truth does not make up for an ocean of lies.

Per his biographers, Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn told him to never apologize and sue everyone. This is yet one more example of too many. Trump cannot say he was caught with his shorts down and downplayed the pandemic. He even denies saying he called it a hoax, when there he is on camera calling it a hoax.

But, on the latter Cohn teaching, Trump’s campaign has sued TV stations to not air the truthful ad that shows him downplaying the pandemic. This is modus operandi. Lie. Lie about the lie when the lie does not work. Sue anyone who says you are lying.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney and fixer, said many egregious things under oath, which simply have been ignored by Trump sycophants. I quote often the main theme that he said “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con artist and he is a cheat.” But, what Cohen also said under oath is he was instructed on more than 500 occasions to send cease and desist orders to entities that had less flattering information in its possession. They ranged from unflattering footage of “The Apprentice” to colleges or prep schools with bad grades to sexual assault accusations, etc.

But, the most egregious thing Trump attorneys did is sue people to avoid paying them for services rendered to his properties. This man of the people has screwed contractors, sheet rockers, painters, electricians, plumbers, etc. on countless occasions. Before the election, out of over 4000 lawsuits, over 200 were to screw the common worker. These folks had to take less money or file for bankruptcy.

Thomas Wells, another attorney who worked for Trump also said many things in an op-ed piece before the election. My favorite is “Donald Trump lies everyday, even about things of no consequence.” But, he also said Trump “always” claimed bad service to avoid paying people. To me, that shows Trump is a cheap SOB. But, don’t take my word or Wells’ word on this. I watched a contractor in a voter panel in 2016 tell the facilitator about working with Trump companies, “The word on the street is get your money up front.”

So, taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand. And, if you do work for him, get your money in advance.


13 thoughts on “That truth stuff has never been his thing

  1. Your post is timely and I shall link to it in my afternoon post. Sadly, in this time of crisis when we need more than ever to be able to trust our government, we cannot believe a single word that comes from Trump or his cronies. He has set this nation afire with his lies and those who still support him must share a portion of the blame.

    • Jill, thanks. It gets back to the sad theme the worse COVID-19 risk resides in the White House. I saw a letter to the editor saying people should support the president of the US in fighting this. The response is he needs to support Americans in fighting this virus. I still am stymied by his thinking not alerting Americans to the risk back in January was not the right strategy. If he wanted to make himself look good, which is his first mission, being presidential in a time of crisis is the best way he could. Yet, he whiffed at the pitch. Keith

      • I think you are right … the worst threat to not only this nation, but to the entire world, sits in the Oval Office today. Had I seen that letter you refer to, my fingers would have been pounding the paint off my keyboard! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Support a liar-in-chief??? NEVER! And his firing this evening of Atkinson … took my breath and sent chills down my spine. We are, my friend, in a world of hurt.

      • Jill, here is where I come down. When good decisions are made, even if they are late, we should be supportive. As John Oliver said, I am pulling for him make better decisions to help us deal with this. Yet, like Oliver, we need to point out we are going to hold him accountable. Fox News beat up Obama for NOT wearing a flag pin. You would think naysaying a pandemic for six weeks is a little worse atrocity

        Again, I come back to why did he naysay. If we wanted to look and be more presidential, forewarning Americans to be on the guard against the pandemic back in January would have been well received. Yet, the truth does not factor high in his decision-making. Keith

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  3. Excellent post Keith. He will lie his way through this. And his cult will vote for him with passion. That should frighten all of us!

    • Jeff, thanks. What is not only obvious to you and me, it is consistent with his past. Five biographers said Trump has a problem with the truth. Keith

    • Rawgod, you will find no argument here. If a Trump supporter worked for him, he or she would quit. Anything good he did, anything bad others did. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: It amazes me when Trump supporters say he does not lie. I wrote a post called “Toys in the ATTIC” to highlight just five:
    A – Trump said he was not in G7 meeting to discuss the Amazon fires ang climate change to meet with two leaders. Problem is the two leaders were in the meeting he blew off.
    T – Trump routinely lies about who pays for the Tariffs. He says China does, but the importers do and pass the cost on to us.
    T – Trump tweeted out that he and the Joint Chiefs decided on the Transgender issue in the military. The problem is they were waiting downstairs to brief him on four options. This is one reason the tweet ticked off Mattis, as everyone wasted their time,
    I – Trump said he was asked by the India PM to broker a peace deal between Pakistan and India over Kashmir doing so in front of the Pakistan PM. Within the hour, India put out a press release that no such request was made.
    C – Trump canceled funding to insurers to pay for Co-pays for people making less than 2 1/2 x the poverty level. He lied and said it would only hurt their profits. The CBO said the change increased the annual deficit by $10 billion. And, people without a subsidy paid higher premiums.

    These are just five. There way too many to choose from. As Trump’s former Economic Advisor Gary Cohn said after he saw Trump lie to the Australian PM, Trump is a “prodigious liar.”

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