A note to a progressive

The following post is from a comment posted on a Progressive blog that I follow. She provided a well-written and respectful response.

Bernie is a class act and I have always appreciated his willingness to tell people the truth. I have two favorite moments in mind when I think of Bernie. In 2016, the most Christian and heartfelt speech to the students of Liberty University was made by a little Jewish Senator from Vermont. He actually won some folks over. The other is he stood up in front of coal miners in West Virginia and told them the truth – your jobs are going away. But, here is what I propose to do about it. (It should be noted politicians, including the president, have lied to these coal miners for almost ten years).

It is time to honor Bernie and galvanize to help defeat the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon, who was a crook. Joe Biden may not be everyone’s first choice, but he has a long career of public service. I recognize fully he is imperfect like Bernie is, but both are a far cry above what we have now. I also urge you to ask some why questions. Like he did before, Trump and his sycophants have been wooing Bernie voters for some time now. I would wager that a couple of folks who appear to be ardent Bernie supporters and think Biden killed someone’s mother may be agents of Trump.

If Democrats vote, the party will win and we can address climate change, civil rights and return to being respected around the world. Right now 64% of Europeans do not trust the US president, trusting Putin and Xi more.

Bernie called Trump what he is a “pathological liar.” Gary Cohn, Trump’s former economic advisor called him a “prodigious liar.” Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer, under oath called Trump “a racist, a con artist and a cheat,” and Republicans did not bat an eye. But, my favorite quote is from conservative pundit David Brooks who said the Trump White House is “equal parts chaos and incompetence.” We have seen that with the COVID-19 issue. Why Trump did not step up in January and forewarn Americans about the risk is beyond me.

My comments may not sit well with some of your readers. I am an independent voter who has been a member of both parties. I appreciate your blog and thank you for letting this old fart offer his opinions.


6 thoughts on “A note to a progressive

  1. Well said, Keith! As an interested Canadian observer, I think the Democratic Party fielded many excellent candidates for the next Presidential Election. Senator Bernie Sanders was one of the giants among them. I am confident that American voters will turn out in large numbers to rid the country and the world of the worst human being to ever inhabit the White House.

    • John, I agree. There were a number of very good candidates. I hope Biden includes more than a few in his leadership group. Pete Buttiegeg, Andrew Lang are two I am impressed and he will likely tap one of the very strong female candidates or governors to be his VP candidate. Bernie and Elizabeth Warren (if not tapped) should be needed voices from their Senate seats. Keith

    • Janis, the Wall Street Journal and more than a few Republicans have been critical of the ranting in his daily press conferences. When we survive this thing, it will be in spite of the president not because of him. Keith

  2. «… a couple of folks who appear to be ardent Bernie supporters and think Biden killed someone’s mother may be agents of Trump.»

    Hmmm.  While my guess is that most of the progressive purists who sulked and ostentatiously refused to vote for HRC in 2016 were sincere (but tragically misguided), it is possible that some were agents of DJT.

    • Mellow, I agree. It was reported earlier that Putin wanted Sanders to win the 2020 nomination. The reason is he felt it would polarize America even more running against Trump. So, I do believe there are divisive influences that we need to guard against on any political issue.

      The president is known for not being beholden to the truth and will use any means possible to win. With Hillary’s lightning rod candidacy, his people took advantage in 2016 and got people to stay home, vote for Jill Stein or even him. Winning by 100,000 votes in three states was all he needed.

      So, yes I nelieve he did have Trump trolls masquerading as Bernie supporters. We will see even more of the same in 2020. Keith

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