Two Republican Senators raise concerns over president’s attack on Inspector Generals

Last week, I wrote a piece equating the attacks on the Inspectors General by the US president as an attack on the auditors of a publicly traded company. Such action would justifiably get the attention of the Board of Directors’ Audit Committee. In an article in POLITICO yesterday called “Trump’s attacks on inspectors general galvanize unusual coalition of critics” by Andrew DeSidero and Kyle Cherry, it was noted two Republican Senators have joined other voices of concern.

Per the article, “Two key Republican senators on Tuesday raised alarm about President Donald Trump’s recent hostility toward the government’s internal watchdogs, tacitly warning that he has threatened their independence and asking the president to support, rather than undermine, them.

In a letter to the president, Sens. James Lankford of Oklahoma and Rob Portman of Ohio also urged Trump to nominate permanent officials to fill the powerful positions, instead of relying on temporary fill-ins that circumvent the Senate’s traditional confirmation process.”

This should raise concern in all members of Congress. The party in the White House is irrelevant to this issue. We are not a kingdom. We are not an autocracy. The Inspectors General serve a vital role in our government and it is Congress’ role to support them and govern their efforts, not the president’s. It is even more true with this president, who I feel is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon who was a crook.

A key question we all must ask is “why?” Why the dismissals and why not greater consternation from all Senators. Senators Portman and Lankford deserve kudos for doing the right thing.

8 thoughts on “Two Republican Senators raise concerns over president’s attack on Inspector Generals

  1. The Rep Senator s have decided it’s in their best interest to be the presidents sheep regardless of what is best for the country. Personally I feel they have sold out the party and it no longer exists.

    • Holly, political courage should be applauded as it is so lonely these days. I wrote a note to Senators Portman and Lankford this morning thanking them. I shared last week post with about fifteen Senators. What is even more courageous is they know the president is a vindictive person who does not like questions or criticism.

      Feel free to let your two Senators know how much you applaud Portman and Lankford’s courage. Rubio has a 3,000 character limit on his email, so he is not interested in medium length opinions. Keith

      • I can’t even count my attempts to contact ( little) Marco Rubio. Unfortunately Trump was right about that. He lives in a mansion here in Miami his bank acct filled with NRA money. I certainly applaud any senator who stands up for what is right though that is What they are elected to do and praise should not be necessary.

      • Holly, I think we must try. Even if we can win over some of his staff. From the many I talked to, I get the impression, more than a few are disillusioned by their bosses’ blind support of the corrupt and deceitful president.

        Trump’s press conference was covered live on the news yesterday (that is likely a strategy). More than half of what he says is clearly untrue. Even when the president is attempting to good, as David Brooks said, he returns to his narcissism and neurosis. He just can’t help himself. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: Please see my response to Holly. I just called Senator McConnnell and his box is full. I did leave messages with Senators Rubio and Romney, as well as sending emails to several.
    The key messages:
    – the president’s attacks on inspectors general is harmful to our democracy
    – if we were a publicly traded company, the Board Audit committee would admonish, even sanction the CEO and CFO
    – adding to this comments about “absolute power” and “shutting Congress down” indicate clearly an autocratic minded president
    – I applaud the political courage of Sens. Portman and Lankford, but am disappointed the Senate Majority Leader and other Republicans are largely silent.
    I said the GOP used to stand for something, but as an Independent who left the party after 25 years, I do not recognize it anymore.
    – We are not a kingdom.

  3. Note to Readers II: Below is a version of an email I posted on several Senators websites.

    I applaud the political courage of Senators Rob Portman and James Lankford for speaking out against the president’s attacks on Inspectors General. As an Independent and former GOP voter, the IGs play a key role in assuring our government runs well and in an ethical and legal manner.

    If we were a publicly traded company, the Board’s Independent Audit Committee would be sanctioning the CEO for such behavior. We need Congress to step up and condemn the president’s actions on top of his statements he has absolute authority. That is autocratic thinking. We are not a kingdom.

    I must confess my disappointment that more Senators from my former party have not spoken out against the president on these and other issues. Congress must be above the tribalism that is permitting corrupt, deceitful, impetuous and chaotic behavior to go unchecked.

    America is less trusted in the world because our president is not trustworthy and has little respect for key relationships. It makes me sad to see how leaders from around the world respond to the latest from the US president.

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