If we open up too early, get used to these headlines

“Another Smithfield Food plant has been struck by the coronavirus” by Kaelan Deese of The Hill. The following are the first two paragraphs. These headlines will happen regardless of the precautions in the future. Yet, if we open to soon, then they will be quite frequent.

“The Health Department in Bladen County, N.C., confirmed that another Smithfield Foods processing plant reported one or more positive cases of the novel coronavirus.

The department’s director, Teresa Duncan, said agencies both local and national are working to protect public health and ensure the safety of employees while further mitigating the spread of the virus, according to a press release obtained by local outlet WECT.”

I fully understand the need to look for ways to get economic activity going. But, do not let anyone tell you it is safe to go back to work without exposure. That simply is untrue, whether it comes from a protestor or a president. Taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand.

I do suggest masking up and getting take out from your favorite restaurants as a means to help others, provided the restaurant is taking precautions. For places that don’t seem to have their act together, they do not get a return visit for now. Last week, a restaurant had organized curbside service quite well, to the extent that masks and gloves were used and the returned bank cards, pens and clipboards were disinfected. I suggest keeping a bottle of disinfectant in your car, as well.

Be safe. Be socially distant. Be smart. Listen to the truthtellers.


9 thoughts on “If we open up too early, get used to these headlines

  1. I also fear the resurgence of the virus as soon as folks think it’s over. If there are folks (as there are) who flaunt the warnings now it will be even worse at that point.

    • Hugh, this feeds right into a narrative that it is no big deal. Social distancing in stores is not adhered to by too many. My wife shared a text from Donald Trump from 2009 criticizing Obama for putting people’s lives at risk during a pandemic. Between Trump’s misleading folks for six weeks, continued misinformation to today and fomenting marches against governors who just applauded the day before, he has aided and abetted this sloppy attitude by too many. Keith

  2. Hello Keith. Thanks for alerting me to your post, I am so short on time right now I rarely get to the many wonderful blogs I like to read. The question is do the ones demanding the country be open understand why they are being pushed to do that, why their protests are getting so much right wing media attention. Who is helped by everyone going back to work, by people buying and stores selling? The Michigan protest was fueled by two groups funded by the Betsy Devos family, who is big in funding radical right wing causes. The fact is wealthy people who are seeing their stock market profits dropping, who wont ever be waiting on people, wont be forced to use mass transport with others, and in no way will be exposed to the covid-19 virus but they want you and your family to embrace that risk so they don’t lose any more money. They are wealthy, they are not hurting and wont go broke. They do not care about those who can not pay their rent and may be evicted, they do not care about people who can not afford to by food. They care only about their bottom line and the money that they already have more of than they can spend.

    The push by preachers to get people in the pews for Easter was about the donation plate, not the saving of souls. One can be done by remote, by internet, by telephone, but the status giving while people are watching can only be done in a full church. Did everyone see me give a twenty? I gave more than Marge! Hobby Lobby was all about keeping their stores open making profit while forbidding their employees from wearing masks or gloves. The employees were told it might make shoppers uncomfortable. Yet the billionaire owner husband and wife were not going to be in the stores, not dealing with customers. They wanted their employees to sacrifice for their profit, to make them money, that they were not willing to sacrifice themselves. When called out on it they closed all their stores and basically fired every employee with no severance pay or insurance. Really Christian.

    This speaks to the wealthy gap in the US and how the upper incomes see the lower incomes. There is a class system in the US and it is now really clear about how much the upper class values the working lower class. They are willing to see you die to keep their stock portfolio doing good.

    • Scottie, it goes even further than that. Fox News show hosts along with Rush Limabaugh cause the consternation that all of this overblown and encourage people to protest. Then, the protest and Fox reports they are protesting Fox will say something on ones of its shows and Trump parrots the line sometimes within minutes.

      The hydroxychloroquine sulfate pill that Trump touted came from a Tucker Carlson episode where he had a Stanford Med School person on saying the drug was 100% effective, which even Carlson started to feel was too good to be true. Stanford put out a statement and said Carlson’s guest has nothing to do with Stanford Medical School and the school is not part of any such test.

      Vetting is important. This is straight out of the Alex Jones playbook. He often had a doctor guest who opined on medical things. But, the person was not a doctor. Carlson and Fox should know better, but apparently do not care for credibility like they should, at least on their opinion shows.

      Of course, not vetting people or information is Trump’s modus operandi. He said a few months ago the ludicrous statement he wants the media to vet people. That is asinine. Yet, if he is expected Carlson to vet people and he does not, then no one is vetting anything. Trump has tons of information at his beck and call and pays more attention to what the Fox opinion hosts say.

      And, that is why he is so scary. John Oliver had a quote I will use. Trump is “actively harming” our nation with his misinformation. Keith

  3. Hello Keith. Yes I just watched the Carlson clip on another news show. I agree with what you are saying, but my point / question is what is driving the push , the need to get people back to work, to get people shopping? It seems rather clear to me it is the need for profit. Yes some small shops and businesses are needing the revenue, revenue they should have been getting from the small business part of the care act. Sadly too much of that went to very wealthy businesses that used a loop hole or two I think was deliberately included in the bill. But this push to get back to “normal” is not done by small shop owners. People tend to forget that the hosts of State Propaganda TV network known as Fox News are very wealthy. Not to mention Sean Hannity is only a high school grad, he never finished a college he tried to attend. Yet he tries to come off as an expert and his viewers buy into it. Tucker Carlson was wealthy long before he want on SPTV, his is a heir to the Swanson frozen food business. A rich spoiled brat and wants to push a “we deserve it but you don’t” line on TV to accommodate the wealthy sponsors and bosses at SPTV.
    Again the ones pushing for the country to “reopen” are not the ones who will suffer from this, they will only see a boost in their stocks if a bit of profit starts to come in, but the workers paying for that profit may do so with their lives. Here where I live on grocery chain resisted having their employees wear masks and gloves. They are a very religious family that owns the chain. Well now that a bunch of their employees are turning up positive they are seeing the light. Way to late. Again the wealthy family that owns the chain is not in the stores and is not at risk. One other thing Keith, tRump demands all the glory, but insists others do the work that he may not accept or even listen too. No solution must discomfort him, causes him any effort, or make him seem less than completely the modern savior comparable to any divinity known. He liked the North Korean dictator so much because he wanted to do the same thing in the US. He told the Queen of England that this children were equal to hers as they were American royalty. He respects only wealthy and power , things he has never manged to really get much of until now. Yet he is so stupid he can be manipulated without any real effort by SPTV hosts. We really are in trouble. Hugs

    • Scottie, oil prices went negative dropping to -$37 a barrel. That means owners have to pay the buyer. Since fossil fuel has a lot of money invested in the GOP, I think there is your answer. You are right, people are pawns in this push. Keith

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