Mourning in America – a new ad by the Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project has aired a new ad entitled “Mourning in America.” The Lincoln project is a group of Republicans who are against the reelection of Donald Trump as president. Two of its leaders – Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt – are former Republican political strategists. A third leader, George Conway, an attorney, is the husband of Kelly Anne Conway who is a spokesperson for the president.

Please click on the article – it is short as is the attached video. It tells a compelling story. Again, this is a group of Republican voters who comprise the Lincoln Project. So, when you hear the president say it is Democrats and the media out to get him, these are neither. These are Republicans putting country ahead of party. This takes political courage and they should be heeded.

14 thoughts on “Mourning in America – a new ad by the Lincoln Project

  1. Note to Readers: I have seen Wilson and Schmidt several times. Both are sharp and experienced. Schmidt forewarned that Trump is just a part of a long term strategy started by the Koch Brothers based on unfavorable demographic projections. Trump did not invent the divisiveness, but he has leveraged it and made it worse. Schmidt saw the Dems winning back the House a critical counterweight to Trump’s worst instincts. Again, this is a Republican saying this.

    • VJ, and he has been able to convince his followers of that belief. To be honest, given how corrupt, deceitful and bullying he has been, he deserves worse. I don’t watch him, as the obvious lying and bullying are bothersome. If he wants to be treated like a president, he could start by acting presidential. Keith

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