The so-called Lion does not sleep at night

In an article posted yesterday called “Donald Trump just broke the most basic rule of politics” by Chris Cillizza of CNN, it notes the president has increased the visibility of The Lincoln Project. The Lincoln Project is a group of Republicans committed to defeating Donald Trump in the election.

Trump is none to happy with this group and its commercial called “Mourning in America” and has taken his favorite attack ploy – name calling. Per Trump, they are “losers” and “RINOs” and are ignoring his many successes, which he embellishes.

The article, whose link is below, says the lion should not worry about what his prey thinks. He should just be a lion. Calling Trump a lion is generous, but it is a good metaphor of how the president does not handle criticism very well. When directed at him, he attacks roaring with spite, fervor and truth-be-damned spin.

From the article, below is a paragraph from the ad “Mourning in America,” followed by the words of Cillizzo.

“‘Under the leadership of Donald Trump our country is weaker and sicker and poorer,” says the ad’s narrator. ‘If we have another four years like this, will there even be an America?’

Its message is dark, foreboding and harsh. And it’s very likely that almost no one would have even seen that message had it not been for Donald Trump.”

Americans who care about what has been done to our democracy, our global standing, our relationships and a sense of decency and empathy, need to help make more people aware of The Lincoln Project. When the inevitable push back comes from Trump supporters, the correct rebuttal is “these are Republican voices, not mine.” The Trump wall is starting to show a few cracks with a gradual few who are starting to criticize actions, as Sean Hannity did about too zealous of protestors the other night.

Yet, there are several certainties. As the COVID-19 pandemic does not go away and increases in areas that opened up without enough precautions and the economy continues to struggle as people watch their dollars and don’t rush out of their homes, the president will be prone to even more criticism than he currently has earned. As criticism mounts, he will strike out like a cornered animal. Yet, this lion’s roar will sound more like that of Scar than Mufasa. And, even Scar’s hyenas will have a hard time defending this lion.

14 thoughts on “The so-called Lion does not sleep at night

  1. I thought this was an excellent advert by the group Keith. Quietly spoken but with a well modulated voice. Straight facts easily checked and short enough to listen to. Let’s hope it works.

  2. Note to Readers: Foolish me. Thinking Kelly Anne Conway may take offense and defend her husband who her bosx called “Moonface,” she sided with her boss saying Trump is right, they are all losers. I keep thinking of Tammy Wynette singing “Stand by your man.” What do the children think I wonder. Call me crazy, but a childish person in his 70s who name calls people who dare criticize him, is not a winner. He is a bully.

  3. Typically, a lion is a brave, majestic creature, which reminds me not at all of Trump. A mole rat seems more fitting. I have to wonder, after Kellyanne took Trump’s side over her own husband’s, what keeps George from divorcing her? The kids? Surely it isn’t her great personality or beautiful exterior.

    • Jill, I recognize she is a bad position, but she put herself there. She could still maintain some dignity, like a Mattis, Kelly, etc. tried to do. Hopefully, she spoke quietly to her toddler boss and said “if you call my husband Moonface again, I will say something publicly.” Doubtful, but we can hope. Keith

      • Oh, I fully agree! She gets no empathy from me, although George and the kids do. Like you, I am doubtful that she stood up to Trump, even in private, for she seems to value her position as one of his closest ‘advisors’ far more than she values her family. I still keep trying to picture their dinner conversation! It is said that they don’t discuss politics at home, but … as much a role as it plays in both of their lives, how could they not?

  4. Nice ad.
    I love the little references in some America political chit chat where fictional cartoon characters [Scar Musafe and hyenas ] are attributed motive, moral etc. Not seen in other cultures [‘cept maybe Asterix en France]. I accept I know nothing ’bout who or what they are, nor want to. I’ll need a mo to try and figure out what this is about.

    • David, I think cartoonists will assign characteristics to animals that are unfair. But, often they pull from nursery rhymes or kids’ books. The Lion King was interesting in that the prey animals bowed to the predator lion king. That is a stretch, to say the least. Keith

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