A simple message for GOP Senators

I received yet another survey from the Republican National Committee. This is probably the tenth time the RNC has sent me one. These are really fundraising requests disguised as surveys.

As an independent and former Republican, I completed this one and gave them four simple points to consider under a banner, “Please Read.”

– I fully support the efforts of The Lincoln Project and Republicans for the Rule of Law.
– The president is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon.
– The president is a clear and present danger to our country, our planet and the Republican Party
– What will you have to defend next week, next month and the month after that?

These are simple, but candid messages. You might find the middle two a little strong, but I believe them to be true. Yet, I believe sending out the first and last one to GOP legislators would send a direct message. They need to hear from people that supporting this person is not in our or their best interests.

8 thoughts on “A simple message for GOP Senators

    • Jill, thanks. They need to hear from us. I did send a few of them my first post on The Lincoln Project ad, as well as to several conservative writers. For those who do not want to be bold, it would be good just to send the first bullet of support.


      • I think that the time has come when we all need to stand up and make our voices heard, to be bold. The time for silence has long passed, for Trump & Co are anything but silent.

      • Agreed. I want an answer to why they continue to look the other way and rationalize the irrational.

  1. Excellent Keith. Short and to the point. I’d put about 10 exclamation points on every one of them.

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