White Americans must speak out against white racism

The following was written by Pastor John Pavlovitz at john.pavlovitz.com in Wake Forest. I have shared his writings before and his words resonate with more than just me.

“Ahmaud Arbery is dead because he was a black man.
He was hunted down by two white strangers in broad daylight because he was two things: he was black and running, which was enough reason for them to grab weapons and get in their truck and chase him down and assassinate him in the road.
Being black and running was Ahmaud’s crime.
To some white people, you can’t be black and running,
you can’t be black and standing outside a convenience store.
you can’t be black and sitting in your car eating lunch,
you can’t be black and playing in a park,
you can’t be black and watching TV in your apartment.
To some white people, you can’t be black.
For far too many white people, such things are probable cause for calls to the police and screamed threats and physical intimidation—and immediate executions.
This is the unthinkable reality of the America we still live in, and in this America there are only two kinds of white Americans: there are white racists and there are white anti-racists.
Not professed anti-racists, who click the roof of their mouths, feel an initial wave of sadness at news of murders of jogging black men—and then move on with their day.
Not anti-racists who endure grotesque racist dinner table diatribes from their uncles and mothers and husbands, and choose not to speak because they don’t want to deal with the blowback at home.
Not anti-racists who sit through incendiary Sunday sermons from supremacist pastors, and somehow find themselves in the same pew the next Sunday and the Sunday after that and the Sunday after that.
Not anti-racists who absorb vile break room jokes and outwardly laugh along while internally feeling sick to their stomachs.
Not anti-racists who scroll past the most dehumanizing memes and videos from people they’ve grown up with and gone to high school with, not wanting to engage the collateral damage of publicly confronting them.
In the presence of this kind of cancerous hatred, the kind that killed Ahmaud Arbery, the kind that is having a renaissance here in America—there aren’t moderate grey spaces to sit comfortably and observe from a distance.
No, this is a place of stark black and white extremist clarity:
You oppose the inhumanity or you abide it.
You condemn the violence or you are complicit in it.
You declare yourself a fierce and vocal adversary of bigotry—or you become its silent ally.
White friends, we are being asked to be speak clearly because when we do, we place ourselves alongside those people who deserve to get up today and run and stand outside convenience stores and sit in their cars and play in the park and relax in their homes—and we place ourselves across from the bigots who feel they will never be held accountable for not wanting them to do these things.
To be clear—this outward stance doesn’t erase our privilege or exempt us from our prejudices or remove the blind spots within us that perpetuate inequity. Those are realities we’ll have to continually confront in the small and close and quiet moments of the remainder of our lives. It doesn’t dismantle systemic racism or the institutional inequalities woven into our nation, which we benefit from.
But what our outward declaration will do, is to let other white people know where we stand: our neighbors and and pastors and co-workers and family members and social media friends.
It will place us decidedly on the side of black men jogging in their neighborhoods.
It will place us in unequivocal opposition to white men choosing to become judge, jury and executioner to a stranger, who have grown up never acknowledging the value of a black like—because so few white neighbors, pastors, co-workers, family members, or social media friends told them otherwise.
As of this writing, Ahmaud Arbery’s white murderers are still free, and whether they remain free or not, the malignant racism that engineered his death will be showing itself again today.
It will shout its inhumanity across tables and in pulpits and in break rooms and on our news feeds and in presidential tweets—and we who live with the unearned privilege of having children and fathers and sisters who can run and stand outside convenience stores and sit in their cars and play in the park and watch TV in their homes—without fearing the taunts and punches and bullets of irrational strangers, we have an obligation to speak explicitly and loudly now.
White Americans need to condemn white racism in America, or be guilty of it.
I want to be someone who condemns it.”

As you read this, please know that law enforcement say domestic terrorist groups dwarf Muslim terrorist groups in the US. Yet, much of their funding is for the latter, not the former. The significant majority of these groups are white nationalist in nature.

But, the above speaks to those who are not in a terrorist group. They are people who let racial profiling dictate vigilante action. I have written several times before, as a white man in America, I can pretty much go anywhere I want. Yet, a black man, even when he is dressed in his Sunday best, is at risk.

Vigilante justice is illegal for a reason. It was illegal (but condoned) during the days of Jim Crow and remains illegal today. I am not saying all racists are white, as racism knows no color. Bigotry can rear its ugly head in any society. But, white nationalism is on the rise in America and followers feel more emboldened. That makes me sad.

We must speak out against hate. We must say this is not right. No matter who does it. I am reminded of black man named Daryl Davis who has talked over 200 KKK members out of their robes as he convinced them to leave the KKK. How did he do it? He asked them questions and listened. Then he posed a few more. We need not all be like Daryl Davis, but we can say we do not appreciate that kind of language, humor or treatment of others when we see it. Or just vote with our feet and walk away.



26 thoughts on “White Americans must speak out against white racism

  1. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    John Pavlovitz is one of only two ‘men of the cloth’ that I follow, the other being Padre Steve. Both are actively engaged in the search for justice for ALL, and I respect them immensely. Today, our friend Keith shared John Pavlovitz’ words and thoughts on racism and anti-racism, what we must do to bring an end to the horrible crimes against blacks (and Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, etc) that are ever on the rise in this country. Please take a few moments to read … and think about these words. We can no longer remain silent, unless we wish to return to the days of segregated water fountains and lynchings. Thank you, Keith, for sharing Mr. Pavlovitz’ fine words.

    • Jill, thanks for helping promote the words of John Pavlovitz. These are pertinent as are his other comments on various subjects. Keith

      • His words should be required reading for every adult in this country! Thank YOU for sharing them to begin with! I do follow his blog, and also follow him on Twitter and often share his work there. If every religious leader was like Pavlovitz and Padre Steve, I might even consider Christianity. Sadly, they are in the minority.

  2. Note to Readers: People must be taught to hate or be bigoted. The musical and movie “South Pacific,” is about bigotry. Rodgers and Hammerstein decided to show the shallowness of bigotry during Jim Crow, by shifting the location to an island in the south Pacific. A key line is “you have to be carefully taught, by the time you are seven or eight, you have to be carefully taught to hate the people your parents hate.” I did this from memory, so I may have messed up the lyrics.

    The message is key. We can choose to teach other, better messages, but it will take a village. As a recent post said, we are different, not less.

  3. Voices in the wilderness. Even though the wilderness has been shrinking at an alarming rate, especially under Trump, the voices are not loud enough to overlap.The worst thing is the police and legal systems are the bastion of racism. People see cops getting away with hate-crimes, so they figure they can too–usually they are right. People also see white criminals getting lighter sentences than people of colour, which gives them more permission to think they won’t have to suffer long even if they get caught. It is not only rich whites who are being taught they have privilege, but the middles classes and the poor. No one is there to prove them wrong.
    What America needs is to reverse their sentencing so that whites are given the longer sentences to scare them straight, then gradually equaluze them until everyone is treated equally. This will go a long way towards ending racism, though it will take many processes coming together to succeed.

    • Rawgod, so true. The book “The New Jim Crow,” speaks of the inequity in prison sentencing. Plus, John Oliver did a great piece on the court fees that must be paid that compound, until a person must be jailed for failure to pay. African-Americans are the ones impacted most. Keith

      • People of all non-white colours are mistreated and taken advantage of, especially immigrants. These inequities are built right into the system. A white con-artist can take millons of dollars away from their victims, if caught pay a small fine, but never have to repay the victims.
        This is institutional racism.

      • Rawgod, you speak a sad truth. Bernie Madoff screws people out of millions and goes to a less imposing prison. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: What usually happens when a black person is killed, some try to justify the unjustifiable by character assassination. I hope this does not happen here, but I am rarely surprised by the lengths some more strident people and so-called news outlets will go. The sad truth is far too many black men, especially young black men and boys, are needlessly killed. Whether someone is or is not an imperfect person, they do not need to die.

    Two examples. Trayvon Martin was needlessly killed. But, the part that does not get enough air time is his vigilante killer was told by the 911 operator NOT to follow him and let them handle it. He disobeyed that request and Martin is dead.

    In Cleveland, an eleven year old black boy was gunned down in less than five seconds as he had a toy gun on the playground. Further north in Detroit, a sixty five year old white man who was brandishing a rifle was talked out of his gun after an hour dialogue. Five seconds vs. one hour.

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