Yet another “disgruntled” former employee

Why is it that people who are critical of the president’s are “losers,” “disasters,” “haters,” “liars” or in some cases “ugly?” The last one he has used a couple of times, implying they are too ugly for Trump to have considered sexually (assaulting is the context). If they are current employees, they are members of the “deep state” out to get him. But, if they are a former employee, “they are disgruntled.” These are all code words for his base to ignore the criticism as it is undue.

Well, one thing is for certain, there are a lot of all of the above folks out there saying critical things. Why is that? Is it easier to believe that everyone else is lying or that a person known for being untruthful is? On Sunday night, “60 Minutes,” will air an interview with another whistleblower, Dr. Rick Bright, who was let go because he did not like the path the president was going down on the COVID-19 response and tried to intervene.

Our country is all about civil discourse. We have the right to question our leaders. Yet, if one of my criticisms got enough airplay to garner his attention, I would be labeled a “loser.” I am far from perfect, but this imperfect person has every right to question the president of the United States. For example:

– Nixon committed a crime and tried to cover it up.
– Carter could have handled the Iran hostage situation better.
– Reagan illegally sold weapons to that same Iran to fund Contra rebels in Central America.
– Bush, the elder, raised taxes after saying he would not.
– Clinton had an affair in the White House and lied about it.
– Bush, the younger, invaded Iraq under false pretenses – there were no WMDs and he knew it.
– Obama drew a red-line which Syria crossed and did not act.

Trump has extorted a foreign country for personal gain, condoned multiple communications with Russia siding with them over US intelligence and lied, bullied and demonized anyone who dare criticizes him. Yet, none of his predecessors have name-called critics like the current incumbent. My grandmother would say, if you name call, it means you have a poor argument.

Take it to the bank, the president and his henchmen will go out of their way to discredit Dr. Bright. Yet, given the many missed opportunities to get ahead of the pandemic risk, we shoud pay attention to someone who knows what it means to criticize the vindictive president. These folks show far more courage than this president reveals.

11 thoughts on “Yet another “disgruntled” former employee

  1. Note to Readers: A report in The Guardian notes people from around the world are “horrified” at how poorly America is handling COVID-19. “The Lancet,” a professional publication for doctors echoes the same finding. They must all be “losers” as well according to Trump. Keith

  2. I read some snippets from Dr. Bright’s testimony before Congress, and while some of what he said was bone-chilling, I believe and trust him FAR more than I do Donald Trump, the person we SHOULD be able to trust implicitly. By Trump’s book, you and I are both losers, but that’s okay … I’d rather be an honest loser than a crooked ‘winner’. We’ll see who’s the winner in November.

    • Jill, thanks. It also troubles me that yet one more watchdog was fired last night by Trump? Why? And, why again on a Friday night? Of course, we know the answers why. If Trump wins the election, we will get even more closer to autocratic rule. Why that does not scare people, concerns me. By the way Howard Stern said some provocative things this week, the theme not being surprising, but that he did it is.


      • Yes, we know the answer to those questions. The burning question I have is … how much longer will this continue before Congress steps up to the plate? Will they let him stay on this path of tyranny indefinitely? If he wins the election in November, my friend, we won’t move closer to autocratic rule … by the end of 2021 we will be an autocracy. We’re more than halfway there now. I did check into Howard Stern, but you already know that by now 😉

      • Jill, I think it is worthwhile to call Senators on the carpet for blindly supporting the corrupt and deceitful actions of the president. The sad truth is many know his actions are corrupt and deceitful. The firing of IGs would be a significant matter in a publicly tradefd firm. The Board of Directors would be obligated to act – same holds true for the Senators. Keith

  3. Note to Readers II: Here is a snippet from Scottie’s post that shows Trump using his modus operandi. He is “disgruntled” and “I don’t know him.” Congressman Kennedy’s response is excellent. By the way, when Trump was made aware that he cut a pandemic readiness team, he said he did not know that he did. This “not knowing” is standard fare for CEOs when caught in a bad action. I did not know. Kenneth Lay of Enron did not know his CFO was being crooked. of course, he did.

    Donald Trump said he did not know he was screwing African-Americans with restricting rental access to buildings. Of course, he did. Not only did Trump know, he was taken to court twice to make him stop, the second time because he did not heed the first court order.

    For someone who claims to be a genius and remembers everything, he sure does conveniently forget things.

    • Hello Keith. Thanks for the link shout out. I listened to someone today talk about the differences between JFK and tRump. How JFK did not need to push himself over experts as he was comfortable being the leader he was and reconsidered expertise in a subject. He did not feel everything needed to be about himself. I can give you the link to the short video if you wish. Be well. Hugs

      • Scottie, interesting comparison. To your point, Warren Buffett said Barack Obama is the best editor of information he has ever seen. To be that, you must be comfortable being around experts. The incumbent values people agreeing with him. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: I watched Dr. Rick Bright’s interview on CBS “60 Minutes.” He was very credible answering all questions. It troubled me is a US mask maker was ready to turn on his machines back in January asking for government help to do so, Bright’s daily pjeas for funding went for naught. It also troubled me what he said about the lack of leadership in Alex Azar and the president. He said we still do not have a cohesive plan. He used that word that is used often with Trump – chaos.

    What also frustrates me is amount of time on CYA going trying to whitewash. Instead of fixing problems, people including the president who are more interested in blame. At some point, as the numbers trend back up and even more will die. Keith

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