Please focus on the firing of the IGs and not Flynn (yet another plea to the Senate)

Please resist the temptation on our nickel to chase the president’s pipe dreams seeking to find something on Obama. This is an intended distraction. This independent and former Republican voter is far more concerned by the firing and attacks on Inspectors General. It matters not what party occupies the White House, we must have governance. If the US was a publicly traded company, the Board’s Audit Committee would be all over the CEO for firing auditors. We need the senate to ask many why questions of these firings. I would also include questions on why Dr. Rick Bright (who seemed very credible and earnest on ’60 Minutes’) was forced out.

I shared recently I support the efforts of The Lincoln Project and Republicans for the Rule of Law who see the corrupt and deceitful behavior of the president as a problem. Since that time I learned that a recent survey said 23% of Republicans would like another candidate and the two groups above will be running a “Never Trump” convention in Charlotte as well.

Obama was not perfect. No one is. He made mistakes, but this incumbent is seen by more than me as a concern. A Pew poll in Europe said 64% of those surveyed do not trust the US president, actually trusting Putin and Xi more. America is less trusted because our president is untrustworthy.

It saddens me to say this about the US president. If you truly disagree with what I have said, I would love to hear your arguments. Again, I encourage you to support Joe Biden for the sake of our democracy. He is a decent man and will attempt to restore bipartisanship. We desperately need a president who will bring us together.

PS – Trump was told DON”T HIRE MICHAEL FLYNN by Obama, Chris Christie (before he was fired as transition manager) and others on Trump’s staff. Trump owns the Flynn mess. And, we should be reminded Flynn did more than “admittedly” lie to the FBI. He conducted diplomacy with the Russians before he had the authority to do so (before Trump was sworn in). Yet, Trump and his sycophants have gotten out their white wash to rewrite history again, a favorite past time.


8 thoughts on “Please focus on the firing of the IGs and not Flynn (yet another plea to the Senate)

  1. Wise words, my friend. I well remember that at the beginning of Trump’s tenure, you wisely gave him a chance, hoped that he would step up to the plate and fill the shoes. Unfortunately, he didn’t, and now we are all paying the price for his perfidy. Every now and then I hear someone say that perhaps he will soon realize he is in over his head and simply resign. HAH! Not a snowball’s chance of it … his ego is far too large for that!

    • Jill, he is so unqualified for the job he has from maturity, decency, and competency standpoint. Now, the GOP senators have decided to chase the president’s pipe dreams rather than govern the country. It is OK to them the president fired IGs and tried to extort a country. It is OK that Americans die because it is more important to polish some inane image the president has of what leadership looks like.

      We need to get these senators to answer questions defending their sycophancy. Keith

      • That is what disgusts (and worries) me the most, the fact that Congress seems to be sitting back letting him get by with, literally, murder! Last night, I was sitting in the living room taking a break, reading a new book I just started, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed that daughter Chris kept glancing at me. Finally I looked at her and said, “Problem?” Her response: “You keep growling under your breath!!!” Uh-oh … I’m scarred for life!

      • Jill, I fully understand. My wife does not care for the president either, but she hears more of the initial reaction from me, before I edit out the emotion. She is the one who said it a long time ago during the campaign – there is something wrong with that man. Keith

  2. The observation bears repeating.
    In other times Incompetent Trump and his inept crew would have been laughed to general ridicule and probably the lowest approval rating ever. Sadly his supporters are so set in blind opposition against the Liberals, Democrats and Mature Republicans, urged on by snake oil merchant commentators that they are willing to keep him for the simple reason he annoys those they hate.
    A terrible tragedy.

    • Roger, it frustrates me that the US Senate is going to chase Trump’s pipe dreams to find some dirt that can be oversold to distract from his corrupt behavior. The president fires people whose job is to make sure departments are not doing anything malfeasant, and the best response from Mitch McConnell, is Trump has the right to fire them. Why is he firing inspectors generals? The answer does not truly want to be found – because the president of the United States is as corrupt and deceitful as they come. Yet, no one wants to look. But, we need to tell them we know they know better and we care that they do look. Keith

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