Saturday in the park – a few wandering comments

It is a good day for a walkabout, so let’s head to the park, allowing for social distancing. As we wander, here are few thoughts to ponder.

I saw where Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, sold one of his several Super Bowl rings for charity, garnering $1.1 million. Very nice. It reminded me of an interesting accusation Kraft made on a visit to Moscow. He accused Vladimir Putin of pocketing his ring after he asked to see it. Putin said Kraft gave it to him – Kraft said he did not.

I received a letter from one of my Senators in response to my emsil on my concern the president is firing Inspectors General. He said it was the president’s right to fire the IGs. I called and left a message thanking him for the letter, saying I understood his point, but strongly disagree. Firing IGs is like firing the umpire and should be of concern to all senators, regardless of who is president. We must have governance over any president, but especially this one who is not known for telling the truth. By the way, commentators Mark Shield and David Brooks echoed these concerns last night on their PBS Newshour recap of the week.

I read in my newsfeed the fuss about mail-in voting is a lot of hot air about nothing. Five states currently use mail-in voting to a heavy extent – Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington. It seems people don’t like to drive a long way to a voting precinct and prefer to mail it in. Having lived in a state that saw a Republican super majority plow through ALEC based cookie cutter language on Voter ID Laws, one party is trying to limit voting for their own benefit. Voter fraud is very miniscule, but you would think it is rampant. Fortunately, the judges saw the NC law as “precision-like” discrimination and ruled it unconstitutional. The problem in America is we need to encourage more voting, not less.

China is not the only one who tried to cover up what was happening with COVID-19. After being briefed in January on the pandemic risk, the US president chose to naysay the risk and misinform per his modus operandi. The misinformation continues to this day. On the good side, Americans are coming together. We see the more strident folks beat on their chest and say “I am invincible,” but most Americans are doing what they can, observing social distancing, and helping each other. To be brutally frank, we deserve a better leader than the one who is misinforming us routinely. We need people in leadership positions to shoot straight with us and not try to do things to win an election, first and foremost. Ironically, if the president had chosen to be presidential beginning in January, he could have helped Americans and helped his chances of winning.

Joe Biden had another slip up. Joe screwed up presuming black votes were his. That was wrong. Yet, later in the day, Biden did something that is very un-Trump like, he apologized for his remarks to an important audience. This is not unusual for Biden to say things he may want to check and it will happen again. Yet, it is very important to note biographers have said Trump was taught by his mentor Roy Cohn to “never apologize and sue everyone.” Having watched Trump for years, I must confess I cannot recall him apologizing. He is more inclined to blame someone else than be accountable. Biden was accountable for his screw-up. Yet, no one should take voters for granted, including Joe

Well that is enough to chew on while you walk. Have a great weekend. Be safe.

7 thoughts on “Saturday in the park – a few wandering comments

  1. Note to Readers: One more wandering. I have never been a huge fan of former AG Jeff Sessions. But, he did do the right thing and recuse himself of the Russia investigation, which unnerved the heck out of Donald Trump. Sessions is re-running for his Senate seat in Alabama, but the president is attacking him. He said people should not “trust” Jeff Sessions. This is coming from the most untrustworthy person in the public eye. Doing the “right thing” is only a consideration of Trump’s, if it happens to coincide with somethlng in his interests. But, even then, he may still choose to lie.

    Personally, if Session loses, that is OK. But, he should not lose because of the attacks from the corrupt and untruthful person in the White House

  2. I strongly disagree with your Senator’s response. It may be that Trump has the ‘right’ to fire the Inspectors General, but it should NOT be the case. It’s like a child firing his babysitter for saying, “NO” to another cookie at bedtime! But then, we know the Senate isn’t going to rock Trump’s boat, so I suppose his response isn’t surprising, only disappointing.

    • Jill, Senator Tillis has been so disappointing. When he wrote an unflattering piece on the shutdown last year, Trump spanked him and got him back in line. Since then, he has been the biggest of sycophants. Keith

      • Ah, so it was Tillis. Yes, I remember that. I just checked and it’s looking like Tillis and Cunningham are pretty much tied in the polls, with Cunningham having a 1 point lead over Tillis. Fingers crossed.

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