A plea from a fifteen year old girl

In my newspaper today was the following letter to the editor. I felt it had pertinence and poignancy, so I repeat it here in its entirety:

“As a 15-year-old upper middle class white girl, I am undeniably privileged. I’ve been given the opportunity to choose the side of history I wish to stand on. In the midst of this crisis, the two sides stand firm, yet logic and empathy seemed to have chosen my side for me. I cannot choose a side of ignorance, no matter how blissful. I must refuse the side that cannot understand the suffering of those unlike themselves. I will not ordain a cause that is more concerned about inanimate objects and a disrupted status quo than about unjust loss of life. I implore everyone to make the same decision. Think about what is replaceable, and what can never be returned.”

These words are more profound than the US president could ever possibly say, but they are precisely the kinds of words we need to hear from someone who occupies the White House. For someone who craves notoriety, this president will not be remembered for being on the right side of history, in my view.

12 thoughts on “A plea from a fifteen year old girl

    • Rosaliene, indeed. I like to quote from the Oscar Hammerstein lyrics in “South Pacific” about how bigotry has to be carefully taught. The converse is true. Parents can teach kindness, acceptance, tolerance and understanding like this young lady was taught. Keith

  1. I completely concur. AND I was like that at that age as was my son and granddaughter. If you bring them up literate and with a firm belief in facts, science, and truth, they may argue with you about their clothing and bedtime, but they also know how to THINK.

  2. If Trump is on the right side o f history then there is no RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY. This young lady’s teachers, including the parents are how all kids should be taught.

  3. Thanks for sharing the article. I think the youthful point of view can sometimes show more wisdom than the oldest of adults. Thank You!

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