Tuesday’s truths

Tuesday will arrive shortly Greenwich time, so let me borrow tomorrow for a few truths of the day.

An interesting dichotomy occurred courtesy of the US Supreme Court which ruled discrimation on the basis of sex in employment includes sexual orientation. This is a huge win for the LGBTQ community and allows the US to join 74 other countries who have a similar law. The dichotomy is only last week, the Trump administration rolled back equal treatment for LGBTQ people under the Affordable Care Act. The SCOTUS ruling could very well be argued that it should apply to the Trump change finding it discriminatory.

One would think the police would be a little more careful with detaining African-American civilians, with the active protests going on. Yet, in Atlanta the police shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, a black man running away with a taser. Now, I realize the man had a taser he took off an officer, but why shoot at all and why shoot to kill? Did an intoxicated man doing something stupid need to die?

COVID-19 cases and deaths are on the rise in the US and elsewhere. As of today, the US has around 118,000 deaths about 27% of the global total, with only 5% of the global population. Yet, the US president is in desperate need of his ego being stroked, so he will risk people’s health and lives, just so he can hear applause. We know about his tone deafness to scheduling it on Juneteenth, which has now been moved, but Tulsa has its own horrific racial history.

On top of all of that, anyone attending a Trump pep rally, must sign a hold-harmless statement should they catch COVID-19, meaning they cannot sue the Trump campaign. Think about that. Trump wants your money, your applause and your vote, but if you get sick, you are on your own. And, that is a good metaphor for the US president.

16 thoughts on “Tuesday’s truths

  1. I was pleased by that Supreme Court ruling today and shocked that Gorsuch sided with the majority … especially on this one. I was not so pleased that they doctrine of qualified immunity for police, but was pleased that they declined to hear the cases by gun groups seeking to further trample the few gun laws we do have.

    His upcoming rally is yet one more signal to all of us that our lives mean less than nothing to him. Sadly, I’ve concluded that anyone foolish enough to attend the rally and waste their time cheering for him, probably deserves what they get. I hate to sound so callous, but I’ve only a limited supply of patience for fools.

    • Jill, we both know some will get the virus from the rally. Too many rash folks will attend, who believed his initial hoax BS, not realizing he was forced to drop that piece of disinformation.

      Taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand. Sadly, his words will put people in harms way. Keith

      • Yep, it’s a foregone conclusion. The sad thing is that because of their foolishness, their families, friends and community will also suffer.

      • True. I just added quotes from two articles from Reuters today that noted significant upticks in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma and South Carolina. Of course, Pence said today the numbers are under control. It should be noted Tulsa is in Oklahoma and Jacksonville is in Florida, two future gathering of multiple tens of thousands. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I am not a fan of John Bolton’s, but I find it interesting the president is taking legal measures to prevent the publication of his book. Of course, in the president’s statement, he lied saying Bolton did not have a pre-review of the book to eliminate confidential information – Bolton’s attorney said they painstakingly went through this process.

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