COVID-19 cases and deaths climb in various states, but good news may be coming

We have long learned to deem any information coming from the US president as NOT factual. We will have fewer surprises that way. We have also learned the vice president is not too believable either. Both people tell us how the US COVID-19 numbers are improving in advance of the president beginning his applause seeking pep rallies.

Yet, Reuters reported yesterday that cases and deaths are significantly increasing in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. My home state of North Carolina is also seeing increases, which is why the governor could not confirm a full house for the GOP convention in August, which led to its movement to Florida, which has a worse problem. And, the US is now past 118,700 COVID-19 deaths, which is 27% of the global COVID-19 deaths, with the US having only 5% of the population.

But, some good news is on the horizon. Reuters reported today the following:

“The World Health Organization (WHO) said it was moving to update its guidelines on treating people stricken with COVID-19 to reflect results of a clinical trial that showed a cheap, common steroid can help save critically ill patients.

Trial results announced on Tuesday showed dexamethasone, used since the 1960s to reduce inflammation in diseases such as arthritis, cut death rates by around a third among the most severely ill COVID-19 patients admitted to hospital.
The WHO’s clinical guidance for treating patients infected with the new coronavirus is aimed at doctors and other medical professionals and seeks to use the latest data to inform clinicians on how best to tackle all phases of the disease, from screening to discharge.

Although the dexamethasone study’s results are preliminary, the researchers behind the project said it suggests the drug should immediately become standard care in severely stricken patients…

The positive news comes as coronavirus infections accelerated in some places including the United States and as Beijing cancelled scores of flights to help contain a fresh outbreak in China’s capital.

‘This is the first treatment to be shown to reduce mortality in patients with COVID-19 requiring oxygen or ventilator support,’ WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement late on Tuesday. The agency said it was looking forward to the full data analysis of the study in coming days.”

Let’s hope this dexamethasone does the trick. I know we need something to stem the pandemic growth here and elsewhere. Having large rallies indoors is not conducive to stemming the growth and, sadly, neither are the protests for Black Lives Matter, even though they are outside, which helps some. Unfortunately, altruism does not get you a hall pass, so please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

12 thoughts on “COVID-19 cases and deaths climb in various states, but good news may be coming

    • Janis, I agree. He may pay for it, but my guess things are going to get worse and Jacksonville will have to scale down the convention. The dilemma is Trump followers have a higher propensity to avoid masks, social distancing, etc. as they do not realize how untruthful the president is. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: I have come to the conclusion, taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand. With his upcoming Tulsa rally, where Trump is saying masks are optional, which is in direct opposition to Senator, will people stay home, wear masks, practice social distancing, etc.? Let’s say only 150 people out of 30,000 get exposed. They will take the virus back home, exposing their families, friends, coworkers, fellow parishioners, etc. All for a chance to applaud someone who will very likely misinform them and not care less if they are impacted (remember, you must hold the campaign harmless if you get sick).

  2. If the drug reduces the death toll, saves lives, then I am all for it. However, it won’t keep the ‘new cases’ number from rising significantly. The only thing, apart from a vaccine that won’t be fully ready for a year or more, is common sense, and people are proving daily that there is little of that here. I’m trying to remember what it was like to live in a country where we could trust our leadership … or where we even HAD leadership.

    • Jill, agreed on all counts. The drug appears to help some who have the virus, not prevent it. I was watching President Obama break out into Amazing Grace after the Emmanuel church shooting in Charleston. He was not perfect, but that showed leadership. I learned later that Obama had a habit of calling families of victims of war or violence without fanfare or publicity. I thought that was class. Keith

      • Yep, perhaps the most glaring difference between Donnie and Obama was class, dignity, and integrity. Oh … and there’s also that little ‘intelligence’ thing.

      • Jill, if you have to tell people you are a “stable genius,” odds are you are not close to being one. Keith

  3. Let me make sure I am reading this right Keith.
    The good news is coming from The WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION.
    That’s the one Trump was being childish about and trying to shift the blame onto (as usual, it’s someone else’s fault)

    • Roger, the other part which is lost or unknown to many is the findings came out of Oxford. We are a global community, in spite of Neanderthal thinking by some populists that we are not. Those who close their minds to the truth seekers, wherever they are, harm their future. What many in the US don’t realize is Trump is hastening the US’ demise while greasing the skids for China to become the dominant economic power.

      I was thinking this morning, the US is led by a president who is known for lying a great deal, who has convinced his followers that everyone else is lying, who has convinced his followers the media is against him so don’t pay attention, who has convinced his followers that their is a Deep State who is out to get him and who has been able to convince his followers he knows far more than he does.

      When my brother-in-law, who is a superb salesperson, and I were chatting yesterday, he reacted to me calling Trump not a business leader, but a great salesman. He said, “Calling Trump a great salesman is an insult to all of the great salespeople out there.” I said you are right, he is salesman who will say anything to close the deal, a transactional salesman rather than a relationship one.

      He liked that one. Keith

      • I do like the sales analogy.
        Trump might be someone who would sell you something, but you would never go back to him again and you would soon let your friends about him too.
        Short term huckster sums him up.

      • Roger, I use an old analogy to illustrate relationship selling vs. transactional selling. Do you make more money charging US$100,000 or charging US$75,000 to a customer? What if you said you would do it for US$90,000? If you charged less, you would be trusted and hired again. If you charged more than you said, you may not be hired again. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: Below is a briefer version of the above I sent to my local and hometown newspaper. I am awaiting to see if they will print, but please feel free to adapt and use:

    “An epidemiologist noted on NPR the first mission in fighting an epidemic is to tell people the truth. Only then can you enlist their help. We keep hearing from the president and vice-president that the increase in cases is being overblown and the media is causing a panic. This is after months of misinformation that began with naysaying the problem which cost us six weeks of planning.

    The Washington Post and Reuters have written this week about the substantial increase in COVID-19 cases in nine states. With over 118,000 COVID-19 deaths, the US has 27% of the global deaths with only 5% of the population. The rest of the world is horrified by the US response. We need to stop downplaying the risk, especially as we reopen more. People need to know the risk they are undertaking, so they can be prudent. “

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