When a known liar calls someone else a liar

Call me a crazy, but I have a few stupid questions.

– When a known liar calls someone else a liar, whom should you believe?

– When a known liar says everyone is against him, including the media, the deep state, and those who just don’t like him, whom should you believe?

– When a known liar has to consistently adjust his story or tell you what has been recorded was never said, whom should you believe?

– When a known liar consistently says things without factual basis, to the extent the media is obligated to report it as such, whom should you believe?

– When a known liar parrots conspiracy stories that come from highly dubious sources, then echoes them as a true, when other sources repeat what he said, whom should you believe?

– When a known liar, whose history includes suing people and entities or sending cease and desist letters under the threat of lawsuit when they have unflattering information, sues to stop the release of a book being published, whom should you believe?

This person has said the author of an unflattering book “is a liar.” Yet, this author corroborates sworn testimony by very reputable diplomats under oath, who testified at a great risk. This author added the sworn testimony and impeachment hearings did not go far enough, as the same modus operandi was used with other countries.

Whom should you believe? The person whose fixer attorney called “a racist, a con-artist, and a cheat” under oath or the one whose book that person does not want you to read?

18 thoughts on “When a known liar calls someone else a liar

  1. If ANYBODY actually believes a word Trump says, please tell them to contact me, for I have a beautiful bridge … the best bridge ever made … in Brooklyn, and it’s for sale cheap!

    Did you notice that after today’s DACA ruling by the Supreme Court, he said they just don’t like him? Somebody please get this juvenile delinquent out of the White House!!!

    • Jill, I had not seen the “don’t like him” rebuttal. Toddlers have better excuses. If people believe Chief JusticeJohn Roberts would make a decision based on whether he liked Trump, I do have concerns.

      What I find interesting is Trump had a deal on DACA for $25 billion for a wall. He reneged after the Freedom Caucus talked him out of it. Now, we have DACA and much less for his wall. Good for dreamers. Keith

      • Yes, he sounded just like a toddler … or a pre-teen girl! I’d far rather have DACA, young people who are contributing to our country, than his bloomin’ wall!

      • Jill, the wall is a perfect metaphor for Trump. A structure that won’t solve a problem that is not high on the list of important problems. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I often cite another attorney named Thomas Wells who worked for Trump for years. He wrote in 2016 before the election, “Donald Trump lies everyday, even about things of no consequence.” Keith

  3. Hey Keith and friends! Just a suggestion! Being from Tasmania who’s this liar you speak of? Perhaps were the liar’s murmurings only reported AFTER being fact-checked, you could all rest easier and use the time saved for more important civic things?

    • David, it would be great if the president’s (or any politician for that matter) statements were fact checked and noted using the factcheck ratlng system. Seeing “Pants on fire” false (the lowest ranking) would help people. Keith

  4. I wonder now, is it possible that some, just some of those who voted for and have supported Trump for so long, lie awake in the dead of the night and think to themselves:
    ‘My God. What have I done?’

    • Roger, a few have, but more are needed. Even still, there are GOP Senators and Congresspeople who are all in behind this corrupt and deceitful person. Keith

      • Presumably some of the more calculating sorts know the fellow can only last until 2024 and are playing some long game of their own in which they can demonstrate they held their nerve and loyalty to the GOP. Then at some stage start to distance themselves from him, in what they’d see as a dignified way.
        It’s an old tactic.
        But they’d have to be fleet of foot and quick of wit to avoid being dragged down with him, and that doesn’t always work.

      • Roger, the Trump anchor is going to get even heavier as the economy will be in no hurry to return and COVID-19 numbers increase. Plus, be did not read the trends on the racial protests as he redoubled his racist tendencies.

        He is tipping his hand that he knows he’s in trouble. He wants more debates with Biden and he is a terrible one on one debater, as he does not know the issues of cares to study for them.


      • Roger, so true. It is easier to fool someone than convince them they have been fooled. Especially when that someone only listens to the court gester. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: Per a CNN article today called “Donald Trump’s tailspinning presidency is in turmoil — even by his own standards” by Stephen Collinson, these first two paragraphs are worth noting:

    “Trump has endured one of the most disastrous political streaks of any modern commander-in-chief and appears to lack a coherent plan for righting his leaking ship, let alone for triumphing over the multiple crises rocking an increasingly unhappy nation.

    He’s in denial yet again over a pandemic he initially ignored that has killed nearly 120,000 Americans, is getting worse in many states and is now threatening the economic rebound he’s banking on. Top medical experts — inside his own administration — and science disprove his false claims the virus is “dying out.” Trump’s history of prejudice and racist rhetoric has left him out of step with a generational racial awakening.”

  6. It’s quite the conundrum isn’t it Keith? Never been a fan of Bolton. He could have stepped up when his country called for it. He chose to hold out for a big payday instead. That said, I’ll believe him over the current president any day of the week. He simply echoes what we’ve heard over the last 3.5 years. Nothing in his book is a bombshell. It only reinforces everything: the current potus is unfit, unhinged, and unworthy of that office.

    • Jeff, I agree. I think his corroboration of what Dr. Fiona Hill testified under oath is important. It disappoints me that he did not testify.

      It is funny and sad, I watched “Clear and Present Danger” this morning. The key conclusion to the movie is Harrison Ford’s character tedtifying to the Senate oversight committee under oath. Today, it would not matter.

      Unless we listen to people who stand up to corruption, then people like Trump will not be held accountable. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: The president said today that mail-in voting was the biggest threat to his reelection chances. The way I see it, the biggest threat to his election chances and his worst enemy stares back at him from the mirror when he shaves.

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