Trace your steps and be careful event attendees

Tonight will be the grand reopening of the presidential pep rallies. First stop Tulsa. My strong advice to attendees is please don’t go, for your sake and that of your families, friends, co-workers and fellow citizens. Because this president chose to misinform about the pandemic risk dating back to January which continues to this day, his cult-like followers are more at risk, since they believe what this person says.

Ironically, on the night of the last pep rally on February 28, 2020, the president referred to COVID-19 as a “Democrat hoax.” That night, the first known American COVID-19 death was occurring. Now, we have over 119,000 deaths, 27% of the global deaths with only 5% of the population. And, it appears to be getting worse again with business reopenings and too many folks acting rashly.

The Tulsa gathering will be indoors, which is big no-no, with so many in close proximity. And, due to the misinformation, which includes a false bravado of not wearing a mask, it is likely more than average will not wear a mask or follow social distancing. Please note, I have been equally concerned about the Black Lives Matter rallies, but at least they are outdoors. Pandemics do not care how altruistic a protest or gathering is. It is an equal opportunity offender and killer.

In this case, we have a person who craves applause. He invited you to this gathering. This group won’t ask him tough questions. They will just cheer his tag lines that are offered without much basis or sand over the edges of the truth. And, they will be exposed or expose others. It should be noted, the president’s campaign will require attendees to sign a statement saying they will hold the campaign harmless, should they get sick. That speaks volumes.

So, if people feel they must attend this and future events, please check your ego and protect yourself and others. Wear a mask, practice social distancing if you can, take some hand sanitizer and a change of clothes, and wash your hands. When you get back to your car, use that sanitizer and change your shirt or clothes. And, record this date and who you came in contact with, if you can. You may want to self-quarantine as well. If you feel poorly with any of the COVID-19 symptoms, go get checked.

I say the same thing to those protesting. Please be careful. Altruism is not a defense. And, what the folks in Tulsa should realize, but sadly do not, the last person to listen to about the pandemic is the one you are going to see.

14 thoughts on “Trace your steps and be careful event attendees

  1. Note to Readers: After posting this, I read a Fox News poll that said 59% of Americans believe campaign rallies right now are a bad idea. I agree.

  2. Only a fool would attend this event … Tulsa has had a significant spike in cases this month. The city had the opportunity to refuse Mr. Trump, but put profit ahead of people. I’m not a cruel person, I am a humanitarian, but in this case … Let the chips fall where they may. I’ve seen the pictures of the fools standing in line, not so much as 6 inches between them, let alone 6 feet, wearing their ugly Trump-themed clothes, slouching with soulless expressions on their faces and their rolls of belly flab out for the world to see. These are the very people that would, given half a chance, doom this nation. If they walk into the lion’s den, then let them beware … I have little or no empathy. I do have empathy for their families and the people they will come into contact with in the coming days, however. Sigh. What a nightmare.

    • Jill, while I cannot wish ill will on folks, I won’t be surprised if more than a few get the virus. I do feel for people whose job requires them to be there. And, I do feel for those they come in contact with.

      As an aside, I heard 30 members of the Clemson football team have the virus as do a few members of a couple of baseball teams.

      I saw one person say he would rather die than wear a mask. Really? That is what I call big talk that does not amount to much. Keith

      • Nor do I wish ill on anyone, but there comes a point where I just throw my hands up, for what else can we do?

        30 members of one team??? Wow. And Trump announced he is slowing down testing, for he doesn’t want new cases!

        Yes, if one doesn’t wish to wear a mask, then do what I do and stay home! It was noted that few at Trump’s rally tonight wore masks. Give it a week, and Tulsa will likely have to shut down again!

      • Jill, as I mentioned to David, we are at 121,400 COVID-19 deaths and climbing. The trend is neither good or unexpected. I saw a small number of New York Yankees tested positive. Sadly, the increase will be enough to even make the Fox host notice. Keith

  3. Keith, I note the irony of I”require attendees to sign a statement saying they will hold the campaign harmless, should they get sick.” Goddamit, its a fundraiser!
    On a slight tangent, is the aversion to wearing a face mask a Psychol / medico issue for those sensitive to rebreathing halitosis?

    • David, it is more due to two things. People who believe everything the president says and does (he does not wear a mask, so I won’t) and not liking being told what to do. In Singapore, they told people the truth, and then said here is what we need you to do. And, they did it. Trump lied from the outset and continues to lie today.

      So, we are not at 121,400 COVID-19 death today. Sadly, the number continues to increase. Keith

    • Roger, and the president fumes. One of the few delights we can take from this president is he pitches hissy fits when things don’t go his way. He has had a tough week. Keith

      • This comment is taken from British sit-com of the 1970s ‘It An’t Half Hot Mum’. The mis-adventures of an entertainment troop at the end of WWII in Burma.
        This character is the Sergeant Major a veteran and very unsympathetic to a bunch of what he sees as malingers; this was one of his catch-phrases when anything upsetting happened to the group.
        It is a frequent quote in our house, particularly if anything goes wrong with a prominent person we dislike:

    • Hugh, those who did not attend did a risk/ reward analysis. The risks far outweighed the reward, which is overembellished to begin with. Trump did not mention Floyd or Tulsa’s race riots. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: My wife and I went for a hike at a mountain park yesterday. Although, we were outside, very few masks were worn. We carried ours and used them as we neared others. People at least tried to distance themselves, as did we. I do think people want to find elements of normal, so I understand not wanting to wear one. But, avoiding groups of people indoors (and wearing a mask there) is a must.

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