He keeps missing the point

Turnout was low at the pep rally, about 1/3 of the arena per the official count. As expected, it is everyone else’s fault per the drawing card. I am certain heads will roll because of the low turnout and rumblings are underway. But, throughout all of this, the drawing card is missing the point. He violated the trust of his loyal fans by risking their health and lives.

Yes, there were a number that showed up to support the drawing card. Very few masks were used, well because the drawing card does not wear one, why should they? Very little social distancing occurred, even though it was easier with a 2/3 empty arena. Sadly, some of these folks and their relatives, friends, co-workers and chance encounters will be exposed to COVID-19.

While I am well beneath perfection, the drawing card has numerous flaws, none of which he will admit. But, one of his more egregious ones is the inability to be accountable for his mistakes and bad decisions. It rivals his inability to tell the truth with any consistency, as it is a cover-up defense mechanism.

To be brutally frank, the drawing card deserves very little trust. When his friend Howard Stern noted the drawing card could care less about his most loyal of fans, it was not a surprise. His wanting their votes, applause and support, was thrown to the wolves, when he staged a pep rally in the middle of a pandemic which is not going away, then required his loyal fans to hold harmless his campaign if they got COVID-19.

The preceding sentence is as good a metaphor for why this person does not deserve people’s trust as any. Loyalty to the drawing card is a one way street. In his defense, people might say he had Barr fire the New York prosecutor who is investigating Rudy Giuliani. But, in actuality he is more worried about the dirt that might come back on him. It is all about The Donald. Always has been, always will be. Every decision or statement circles back to that large ego.

So, the point being missed is the reason the turnout and poll numbers are low are due to one thing and one thing only. The person blaming everyone else. At some point, people notice when you show you do not care about them.

14 thoughts on “He keeps missing the point

  1. Note to Readers: The president and his sycophants are now saying he was joking when he said at the rally he ordered fewer tests to make the numbers less. Just like he was being sarcastic when he said we should try ingesting disinfectant. On the latter, he forgot that he asked Dr. Birx her opinion, but she was trying to hide under her chair to avoid being brought in.

    First, we should always remember Trump has a degree in making things up. So, most of what he says or tweets is untrue. Second, on occasion, his making things up pushes the dial to inane. Of course, he was not joking or being sarcastic. People called him out on his inane comments.

    • Linda, now that is a good question. I think he detests negative news more than he loves good news. That is why he spends an unhealthy amount of time reading his own press. My guess is what he really hates is when the bad news is on his shoulders. Then, he shifts into overdrive.

      What he fails to understand his worst enemy is the one who looks back from the mirror when he shaves. No one else comes close. Keith

      • Rob, he may not. But, he rages at people when negative news occurs. He is the worst kind of boss – take all the credit and shed all the blame. I do think historians will evaluate this person for decades.

        Check out my next post which is just portaying what Steve Schmidt said yesterday about the incumbent.

      • I was just reading Steve Schmidt: “Donald Trump has been the worst president this country has ever had. And I don’t say that hyperbolically. He is. But he is a consequential president. And he has brought this country in three short years to a place of weakness that is simply unimaginable if you were pondering where we are today from the day where Barack Obama left office. …”

      • Rob, we must have read it at the same time. I decided to make my most recent post Schmidt’s comments. It would stun a Trump follower to read these words, which I feel are accurate. Keith

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