Mark Cuban tells Sean Hannity of Fox he is voting for Biden

Joe Concha of The Hill penned “Mark Cuban endorses Biden on Hannity: He ‘actually wants to run a country'” based on the appearance by billionaire Mark Cuban on Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s talk show. The remarks are worth noting given where he made them and his answers to Hannity’s questions based off GOP rhetoric.

“Mark Cuban told Fox News host Sean Hannity that he will vote for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over President Trump in November, arguing that Trump ‘only wants to run a campaign’ while Biden “wants to run a country…

‘Do you believe that he has the strength, the stamina, the mental acuity, the alertness to be taking on what is the toughest job in the world, being the president of the United States?’ Hannity asked. ‘Do you in your heart believe he does?’

‘One hundred percent. Absolutely,’ Cuban replied.

‘Tell me what Joe has done that you were proud of that qualifies him to be president after 50 years [in public life],’ Hannity later asked, noting Biden was vice president for eight years before Trump took office.

‘I think the ACA [Affordable Care Act] is easily the biggest accomplishment and it’s unfortunate Trump is trying to dismantle it,’ Cuban, the billionaire star of “Shark Tank” and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, responded.”

I would add Biden has long held a bipartisan manner of governance and helped push Obama to move faster on the gay marriage issue by speaking openly about it. I would add Biden has a working relationship with many foreign leaders and will help restore (or at least improve) America’s relationships. Obama relied on Biden as much as his two Secretary of States to reach out.

Hannity’s questions are interesting, as this line of attack is being echoed on line. Yet, the attack falls down when it could be applied to the incumbent, who is chaotic and incompetent in his leadership style. The article can be linked to below.


12 thoughts on “Mark Cuban tells Sean Hannity of Fox he is voting for Biden

  1. “Trump only wants to run a campaign while Biden wants to run a country.” That says it all, right there in a nutshell. Thanks for this heads up, Keith! I will check out the full interview. I bet Hannity was ready to find a closet to hide in!

    • Jill, I bet he was. I just read the transcript. Cuban knows how to get his point across. It is getting harder for the Fox opiners to hide the president’s corruption and ineptness.

      To me, Barr’s sleaziness is actually harming Trump because he is doing exactly what it looks like. Trump’s behavior is sleazy enough without Barr’s help, in my view. Keith

    • Rob, we will. We will be collectively sicker and the economy will be in recession, but we will survive. We have survived greater crises and other foolish people like this one. We survived the last corrupt and deceitful president who resigned before he was removed.

      We do need some Republican Senators beyond Romney to condemn the corrupt actions of the president and the attorney general. And, some need to state they support Biden to address the damage done by Trump.


    • Roger, it is indeed. My guess is Trump called Hannity on the carpet for having a dissenting voice on. From the several books and leaked press, Trump spends most of his time reading or watching his press to win what one aide called “the daily ratings war.” It reiterates what Cuban said. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: Per an article in the USA Today this morning, there is one more Republican public figure who will vote for Biden:

    “In an interview released Thursday with The Atlantic, former Republican presidential candidate and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina said she would be voting for former Vice President Joe Biden instead of President Donald Trump in November.”

    In an unsurprising move, the president mocked Fiorina. In my view, he can mock all he wants, but that is one more Republican who has said they will not vote for Trump..

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