I have faith, but still wear a seatbelt – an active COVID-19 response

“I have faith, but still wear a seatbelt,” was uttered in an NPR interview with Dr. Derrick DeWitt, the minister who leads the Maryland Baptist Aged Home. Why was DeWitt being interviewed? His long term care facility has been able to avoid the COVID-19 virus. How did they do it?

DeWitt shared when the president noted there are fifteen cases, but will be down to zero at the end of the week, DeWitt chose not to believe him and decided to act. This was toward the end of February. Think about that statement, DeWitt did not take the president at his word and acted, instead.

DeWitt immediately introduced social distancing, mask wearing and hygiene measures. Again, this was in February. To date, the Aged Home as had no COVID-19 cases.

When asked if he got push back, he said some said we should just have faith in God. This is when he made the statement about still wearing a seatbelt. He added when people in leadership positions fail to give clear guidance, it is up to us to take necessary actions.

People in leadership need to heed these words. We need elected officials to tell us the truth. When officials choose to ignore this, they do far greater harm. As I have said before about the president and it also applies to the vice-president, if you cannot add value, please stop talking.

5 thoughts on “I have faith, but still wear a seatbelt – an active COVID-19 response

  1. Note to Readers: There are so many parts to this story that resonate.
    – Taking action
    – Taking action after a person known for lying saying everything is under control
    – Taking action using the brain God gave us (we should realize that the miracle we need is often between our ears).

    • Thanks Hugh. I read today 76% of Democrats and Democrat leaning independents support wearing a mask, while 53% of Republicans and Republican leaning feel that way. This is largely due to the misinformation espoused by Messers. Trump and Pence. Keith

  2. I referenced this post yesterday, but forgot to ‘like’ or comment on it! Excellent post and the analogy is spot on. You might believe and have faith, but you still take your child to the doctor when she is sick, you still wear a seatbelt, and you still wash your hands after handling chicken!

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