Monday, Monday Musings

The Mamas and the Papas sang the popular lament “Monday, Monday.” It was one of their biggest hits, and it allows me to use the title to offer some miscellaneous musings on this Monday afternoon. As we near the halfway point of the 2020 year, it has been a quite troublesome one. And, it is likely to get worse.

– Pandemics are equally opportunity offenders. Your race, country, ethnicity, political leanings, etc. matter not.

– Most people are smarter than our elected officials. Many years ago, I used to think the opposite. And, it may have been true with folks like Jack Kemp, Bill Bradley, Tip O’Neill representative of a more learned lot of legislators.

– Yes, many voters can be fooled, but for the most part, they will make better decisions than our leaders will, especially, when such leaders are well funded by donors to think a certain way. And, that may be their stumbling block, the elected officials are paid to do what they are told by large donors.

– To this point, if we took a collection of reasonable folks as a cross section, told them about the various problems armed with cost/ benefit summaries of various actions, they could do a better job than funded elected officials of addressing the issues.

– Intolerance is not a healthy attribute and is harmful to many. Our friend Roger notes, the only allowable intolerance is of intolerant actors and actions.

– Speaking of intolerance, it would be a nice change for our country if its president did not walk around with a can of gasoline fueling racist fires. A leader would condemn racism, not tweet about how the racist is maltreated.

– Finally, it disappoints me that too many are so wrapped up in themselves, they refuse to help others and wear masks and/ or socially distance. If a store does not ward off non-mask wearers and take precautions, then we should find other venues that do.

COVID-19 could care less if your feelings are hurt. As my brother-in-law, who served in the USAF said, it is not like your being asked to storm a beach at Normandy, so wearing a mask is not too great a burden.

17 thoughts on “Monday, Monday Musings

  1. I agree with your brother-in-law. I don’t understand the problem of people wearing a mask. We have this pandemic and there are simple ways to protect ourselves and others… why not being thankful for such uncomplicated solutions…

  2. Note to Readers: We do have a number of smart leaders, but they are hamstrung by funders. Complex problems would be made easier to solve, if funders did not have a vested interest in the solutions.

  3. Great post, Keith. I especially like your comments on intolerance. It is on the rise … witness the white couple that stood outside their home today pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protestors walking peacefully down the sidewalk. This must stop, else we are going to have a race war in this country … started not by black people who are only seeking equality, but by white people who feel somehow superior.

    As re the wearing of masks. I fully agree … but as I cannot wear a mask, I simply stay home and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Not much to look forward to, but I won’t put myself, my family, or others at risk.

  4. Firstly….awww shucks you guys. Thanks for the reference.
    Secondly…sorry for the delay ‘Catch-up Thursday’ (UK time).
    On the subject of masks in detail and Jill highlights this, some folk can have problems with them. My wife Sheila for instance has asthma and a mask could impinge on her breathing, however all other guidelines she follows…. Also some folk I could imagine would suffer some claustrophobic effects.
    That said in situations like this it comes down to everyone doing the best they can, as they can, when they can, how they can. And treat this pandemic for what it is:
    Not a conspiracy.
    Not a ‘Why bother? It won’t happen to me’ (which translates as ‘I’m white, straight and healthy’)
    It is a wake up call from Nature, and the harsh message is.
    ‘You Humans….Your time here is…how can I put it…..Conditional’
    Hope you and yours are safe and doing well Keith.

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