When you hear the president claim hoax, dig deeper

Five biographers have noted long ago, the president has a problem with the truth. I often use the quote of Thomas Wells, an attorney that worked for Trump, who wrote in 2016, “Donald Trump lies every day, even about things of no consequence.” So, when Donald Trump claims something is hoax, dig deeper.

The Russian bounty story has now been called a hoax by the president, created by the media and Democrats. These words eerily track the words he uttered repeatedly about COVID-19 as late as February 28. Ironically, that was the night of the first official American death from COVID-19. This hoax has now killed over 127,000 Americans and the misinformation continues.

The Russian investigation was a called a hoax, but The Mueller Report, did not exonerate Trump noting he likely obstructed justice, had a campaign with too many unusual contacts with Russians and he was untruthful on more than a few occasions. And, this so-called hoax sent several folks to jail.

The Ukraine arm-twisting for personal gain was called a hoax, but we saw a parade of duty-bound and honorable public servants testify under oath at great risk over their concerns. These folks knew they would likely be fired by a well-known vindictive person. This led to his impeachment by the House. It should be noted former National Security Advisor John Bolton, in his book “The room where it happened,” corroborated the testimony of Dr. Fiona Hill, who was one of the more impactful testifiers.

The hoax term has been pulled out of the holster on several occasions on other mistakes or misstatements made by this president both here and abroad. Often, he adds a heavy dose of ridicule to those who dare ask him a tough question. Sadly, what his ardent followers fail to realize is the problem is the person crying “hoax.”

One of the dilemmas is the problem goes beyond the lying. Per two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Bob Woodward’s book “Fear,” which is based on 750 recorded interview hours, the president does not invest the time to read briefings. This is not new, as his short attention span matches his short fuse, also prevalent in this and other books about the Trump White House. He does not read and his staff is scared of his volatile temper. On the Russian bounty issue, he said he was not briefed, because he didn’t do his work.

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis said Trump is unfit for the role he is in, saying “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people — does not even pretend to try.” A GOP legislator named Shawn Lemmonds (former local mayor and state house representative) who is helping organize an alternative Republican convention of anti-Trumpers said today in The Charlotte Observer, “he considers the ‘Trump cult’ the biggest threat to the country since World War II and the biggest threat to the party since Nixon.”

In essence, the US president has a job he is unsuited for and does not care to learn. If he would tweet less, he may have more time to read what we need him to know. As Former Secretary of Labor (and advisor to two Democrat and one Republican president), Robert Reich noted “Trump is a clear and present danger to America and the world.” Sadly, that is not is hoax.

20 thoughts on “When you hear the president claim hoax, dig deeper

  1. “Trump is a clear and present danger to America and the world.” That truth seems so obvious. It still boggles my mind that millions of Americans cannot–or will not–see that.

    • Thanks. If people would bother to pay attention, they would see the corruption, deceit and danger of this president’s words and actions. His sycophants who rationalize away the above should be asked to answer for their abetting such action. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: Today the president put on two pairs of rose colored glasses and announced the brief good rehiring news in June would continue, which I have not heard any economists say. He cited his very rosy predicton since we have conquered COVID-19, which is not the same area code as the truth. And, some people believe all of this.

    • He said we have “conquered” the virus??? My jaw dropped on that one! Over 57,000 new cases in a 24-hour period yesterday, an all-time high, and he says it’s conquered. 🙄 I don’t know who is the bigger fool … Trump, or those who actually believe what he says.

      • Jill, conquered may not be the exact word, but that is the sentiment. I should have gotten a direct quote. Keith

      • Here is the actual quote courtesy of Scottie:

        “I think we are going to be very good with the coronavirus. I think that at some point that’s going to, sort of, just disappear — I hope,” Mr Trump told Fox Business on Wednesday.

      • Oh yes … I heard that one and my jaw dropped. Just sort of disappear. Didn’t he say that back in February, too? And look where we are today … 57,000 new cases in one single day! The man is a blathering idiot! Sigh.

      • Jill, most likely. The misinformation started in January and picked up in February. David Brooks was brutal on Trump’s failure on COVID-19 last night. Keith

  3. Your President’s relationship to truth was sorely tested from day one in regards crowd size, https://static01.nyt.com/newsgraphics/2017/01/04/inauguration-crowds/9e038837b6bddf59b47212f9df94eff0cf6bbdee/peak-trump-from-wash-mon.jpg
    From there its all been downhill.
    As you say “…s read briefings. This is not new, as his short attention spam matches his short fuse, also prevalent in…”
    In Australia, we only have one spam variety unlike y’all have over there, Lite, 25% less sodium, Bacon, Teriyaki, Turkey Cheese, Garlic, Chorizo, etc. I’ve yet to see Short Attention variety yet possibly in the short fuse packaging but will keep my eye out for it.

  4. Great post, Keith! I’m amazed that there are still a relatively large percentage who still believe he is the best thing for this country when all the evidence says otherwise. There is a disconnect somewhere there …

  5. Note to Readers: Conservative pundit David Brooks hammered the president tonight on PBS Newshour on his failure of leadership on COVID-19 and the racial injustice toward African-Americans. He has misinformed, not modeled the behaviors needed and promoted resistance against governors trying to do the right thing.

    He said the president’s failures play a huge part in the uptick in the pandemic.

  6. 4th July passed and I could not work up an enthusiasm to wish my good friends a happy day.
    How could I? When a large proportion of the nation in its desperation to deny the opinions of their fellow nationals are willing to endorse a person who normally would be the unsutblty portrayed villain in a Frank Capra movie? (or, come to think of it any comedy movie)

    • Roger, excellent point. We should also not lose sight of creating a gathering of people who attend without a mask or socially distance is not being a leader. The GOP governor told people that wearing a mask and socially distancing was not needed to attend the Mt. Rushmore. Those four faces looking down on the small person below had the right perspective and magnitude differential. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: Here is the opening paragraph of a CNN piece today on “As Trump gaslights America on coronavirus, Republicans face critical choice.”

    “The gulf between reality and President Donald Trump’s delusional vision of a waning coronavirus threat was on full display this weekend, as cases soared in key hotspots while he delivered speeches at Mount Rushmore and at the White House, with little physical distancing and few masks, directly contradicting the advice from his public health experts.”


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