An alternate convention will go on – Republicans for a new president

An alternate Republican convention will be convening in Charlotte in a few months called “Republicans for a new president.” It has been organized by Evan McMullin, a former CIA officer who ran as an independent for president in 2016, who garnered enough votes in Utah to concern the president. Per The Charlotte Observer, “Organizers have said they’ll be ‘deliberating and ratifying a new vision for the future of Republican leadership and political renewal in America.'”

The convention is bringing together members of Republican led groups like The Lincoln Project, Republicans for the Rule of Law, Republicans for a new President and Republican Voters against Trump. Republican Shawn Lemmond, the former mayor of Matthews (near Charlotte) and two-time NC house member, said in the Observer, “‘What’s taken over our party is wrong. And, as a Republican, as a Christian, we simply cannot allow this man to be re-elected.'”

It should be noted that 100 former members of George W. Bush’s administration have coalesced around Joe Biden as an acceptable alternative to voting for Trump. Yet, per the Observer article, Trump’s support among Republicans and independents who lean Republican remains high at 78% per a Pew Research Center survey released this week. While high, it is down from a similar survey in March which showed such support at 85%. Our friend Jill has a post on “Some Republicans leaving the Trumptanic,” the link is below.

Lemmond said “‘I think there’s a fairly significant number of Republicans who are just disgusted with what they’re seeing out of Trump and his minions.'” Lemmond “rejects the ‘Trump cult’. He considers it ‘the biggest threat to the country since World War II and the party since Nixon.”

Then, we must layer on the voices of long time conservatives like pundits George Will, David Brooks, Michael Gerson, military leaders like General James Mattis, Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters, Admiral Williams McRaven, civil servants like John Bolton, Robert Reich and Republican campaign managers like Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson who have each registered significant concerns over this president, his actions, his words and his lack of decency, empathy and competence.

I left the Republican party after twenty-five years as a member around 2008. I am fiscally conservative and socially progressive. We need to help people, but be able to pay for it, e.g. My main reasons for leaving are the head-in-the-sand stance on climate change, the unhealthy embrace with evangelicals and the NRA and, with the aid of Fox News’ talk show hosts, a tendency to make things up to fit the narrative. The division in our country started well before Trump, but he has used it and thrown gasoline on these fires.

I agree with these people that the GOP (and our country) needs to get back to better footing. We are retrenching from our global leadership role enabling an already predicted ascendant China. Our global reputation is well down, as we are not trusted with our untrustworthy president. A Pew survey earlier this year said 64% of Europeans do not trust the US president, trusting Vladimir Putin and Xi Jingpeng more. The global community is aghast at our botched handling of COVID-19 and Europe is now restricting travel from the US. A key requirement to addressing pandemics is tell people the truth, but this president naysayed it as a hoax as late as February 28 and continues to misinform to this day. Then, there is the racist bent of the president that has worsened racial tensions.

Joe Biden is not perfect, but he is decent person with a long history of collaboration. He will endeavor to bring us together rather than look for ways to divide us. And, for those who are falling for Trump’s narrative of rebuilding an economy he created, he inherited an economy that was in its 91st consecutive month of economic growth, with 5% unemployment, with two million plus jobs growth for six consecutive years and a more than doubled stock market under his predecessor. It continued for 38 months on his watch, which is good, but he did not create it. Before the recession, he helped make a pretty good economy a little better for a little while by borrowing from our future, but it fell back to similar growth numbers as before the election.

There are many quotes to choose from, but let me just leave you with what conservative David Brooks said. The president does not have a “sense of decency or empathy.” Joe Biden does. As an example, watch Biden console Meghan McCain before her father’s death on “The View.” That is a great window into Biden’s character and I could not envision Trump doing the same, regardless of who the father is.

Some Republicans Leaving The Trumptanic


39 thoughts on “An alternate convention will go on – Republicans for a new president

  1. Drastic times call for drastic measures. The Republican Party is dead at the moment, replaced by the Trump party. That they recognize this and are taking measures to revive the Grand Old Party is encouraging.

    • Holly, so true. The comments from the former mayor capture a sentiment that must be broadcast. The fact this convention will go forward is telling and GOP Senators and Congresspersons need to respond to why this movement is occurring without them? Keith

      • Mother Wintermoon, since the cult won’t listen to others, I felt maybe some would listen to people in their own party. Republicans used to call folks like this RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), but who are the real RINOs, those who support a corrupt and deceitful president, or those who say this is not right? Keith

      • Thanks. I would agree on who the RINOs in this story are. These labels are meant to be shortcut name callings. The user of the term (or other name calling labels like the president and his sycophants use) wants to tell their followers to ignore what these others have to say – they are RINOs, Trump haters, suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, etc. Their worst fear is if you dig deeper. Keith

      • Yes, I remember old school Republicans being very different than anything 45 (Papaya Pol Pot) represents, but then I wondered if I just remembered it wrong.

  2. Excellent post, my friend, and thank you for the mention and the link! I was unaware of the “Republicans for a New President” convention … I am happy to know that there are still republicans who have a good heart and who are appalled by Trump’s rhetoric and actions … I had begun to wonder.

    • Jill, thanks. See my note to Mother Wintermoon. We need to shout this from the rooftops and ask supporters why would these groups do this? Keith

      • I did check it out. I’m sure the people in these groups will be called ‘traitors’ by Trump and his cohorts & followers. To me, they are people of conscience.

      • Jill, a letter to the editor from a Trump follower called them “so-called Republicans.” I did see some progress as the writer said Trump had “done some bad things,” but he did return to form and said “he was draining the swamp.” Keith

  3. Keith, it is stress-relieving to learn that “[a]n alternate Republican convention will be convening in Charlotte in a few months called “Republicans for a new president.” Only those who have drunk the Kool Aid of their Dear Leader and his enablers fail to see that a divided nation cannot stand against a pandemic running wild among us or against foreign leaders and entities who seek our downfall.

    • Rosaliene, the president has done an awful job at helping with the pandemic and addressing the racial injustice. Biden needs to continue to act presidential like he did with his speech last night; It sits in direct contrast with the divisive stuff the incumbent utters, like he did at Mt. Rushmore. If those four heads could have turned away in disgust, they would have. Keith

  4. I am Canadian. I feel like I am watching the burning of America, while trump plays golf.
    Thank you for this all encompassing post.
    From my armchair up here in Canada, I see there is hope with Biden. Is he the long term answer?
    No, but I think he can calm the current waters.
    I wait with great hope that the USA, my cousin to the south, whom I’ve always admired and cherished will produce their next great leader….. perhaps the world’s next great inspiration.

  5. Since it always a futile task for any European to try and make a comment on the exact divide between Republican and Democrat voters it is simpler to say pro-Trump, anti-Trump and The Rest (non-voters).
    Hopefully the anti-Trump wing of the GOP will make possible the necessary swing to throw this aberration of your voting system out.

  6. Note to Readers: Here is the opening paragraph of a CNN piece today on “As Trump gaslights America on coronavirus, Republicans face critical choice.”

    “The gulf between reality and President Donald Trump’s delusional vision of a waning coronavirus threat was on full display this weekend, as cases soared in key hotspots while he delivered speeches at Mount Rushmore and at the White House, with little physical distancing and few masks, directly contradicting the advice from his public health experts.”

    It should be sad to all of us that the US president is described with a term like “gaslighting.” It should also be sad that CNN, who is a reputable news source, uses the term “delusional vision” in describing the president. This kind of article should worry Republican legislators running for office, but they brought it on themselves.

    What these legislators have yet to realize is Trump not winning is a good a thing.

  7. Note to Readers: “We have to defeat Trump to rebirth the Republican Party,” says Anthony Scaramucci, the former press secretary for Trump in an interview yesterday.

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